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T&CC online – a trustworthy partner

We are EU (Prague) based team of IT and psychologist experts which help HR related companies to boost their business.


boost your business

Take advantage of today’s rocket growth of demand for HR online solutions to boost your business with our cutting-edge products!

new partners worldwide

We are looking worldwide for new partners to empower them with industry leading tools in the area of psychodiagnostic tests, 360° feedback and employee opinion surveys.

we help you succeed

The role our partners play is crucial for us and we are dedicated to helping you succeed. Whether you are a consultancy company, a job portal, a cloud solution provider or any other kind of business, we have the experience to make this work.

How can we help in boosting your business:


Top product covering any testing your clients might ever need.

A huge amount of references and support to build upon.

Flexible fit-to-measure changes and development of anything you need to succeed.

Case studies, validation studies and all the arguments you need to convince your clients.

A fair share of the profit goes without saying.

And of course, the cooperation goes both ways – we might be interested in offering your services to our clients.

We would love to discuss all the details with you, please feel free to let us know to

Products for your success


high-quality psychodiagnostic personality questionnaires and performance tests

quick information for your decision-making

support your intuition and observations with objective facts

take full adantage of individual or team output

360° Feedback

a fast and convenient tool for feedback

get inspired by our well-tried know-how

adapt it to your needs

ideal for large projects as well as individual development

Job Matching

makes highly reliable prognoses about which candidates will be successful in your company

reduces staff turnover thanks to well-aimed selection

unique selection method – we are its sole providers on the market

Employee Survey

Find out your employees’ opinions and level of satisfaction

use our question database or enter your own

work with comprehensive and immediately presentable reports

enhance the commitment of your employees and their identification with your company

Why T&CC online

make your HR more effective
Online HR tools are a reliable helper in your work with people.
high-quality tools accessible for everyone
Are you a personnel officer, manager, or HR consultant? Online tools by T&CC online are here for everybody.
91% higher profits
Take advantage of our unique method, SFI, thanks to which you select only such workers who perfectly match your organization's needs.
fast and intuitive system
Do you hate complicated systems? So do we! That is why we created a very intuitive and user-friendly online environment for you, in which you yourself can create psychodiagnostics projects, 360° feedback, satisfaction enquiries, etc.
We, however, remain at your disposal every step of the way.
satisfied customers - drive for our work
We always try to meet the specific needs of our clients. We are happy to create a custom-made solution for you, to match your wishes, needs, and financial possibilities.
safe and backed-up data
You do not need to fear for the safety of your data. We ensure it in our TÜD SÜD certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001) datacentre with 99,99% accessibility guarantee.

Free preview

Are you a HR specialist, manager, or HR consultant? Try our psychological tests and questionnaires, 360° feedback for free, or test the functions of the online environment.

We believe in people, job well-done, and professionalism …

… especially on Fridays.

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