Flexible 360° Feedback

Benefits of TCC Online 360 Degree Feedback impact leadership, teams, and the entire organization immediately.

Are you planning to carry out a 360° Feedback project? Use the TCC Online portal as a convenient and easy to use platform for 360° feedback administration. You will receive high quality results, descriptive, and easy to interpret.

This powerful online tool offers the opportunity for an individual to receive feedback from any number of evaluators in an easy to use online portal. Designed to give individuals better insight into their strengths and weaknesses, 360° Feedback handles large amounts of data from superiors, colleagues and/or subordinates and processes this feedback into an in-depth and detailed Output Report.

  • Fast and easy to use for the evaluee and the evaluators
  • Tailor-made or customisable questionnaires and scales
  • Suitable for use in appraisals and other kinds of evaluation
  • Identify potentially hidden strengths and weaknesses
  • Output Report can be a brief summary for a manager or a detailed result package for a coach or evaluee (with the option of customisable anonymity)
  • simplicity
  • speed
  • flexibility

Customizable output report – brief summary for a manager or a detailed result package for a coach or evaluee


  • create new 360° Feedback questionnaires (enter areas or competencies to be observed, or individual questions) or select existing ones,
  • design your own evaluation scales,
  • create multilingual questionnaires,
  • work with free texts,
  • set graphics of your output,
  • import the evaluator matrix quickly and easily,
  • define evaluator groups at will,
  • create invitations or reminders,
  • watch the status of completion,
  • work online with clear, comprehensible output,
  • save questionnaires to the Questionnaire Bank for further use,
  • set automatic project termination or an automatic reminder.

360° feedback

Self-service 360° Feedback saves you time. Evaluees can nominate their evaluators by themselves. You just set a minimum amount of evaluators in groups or can change the evaluators selected. When the evaluation is terminated, evaluees can view their output reports and receive clear feedback.


Individual reports

You can create as many reports for each evaluated person as you want for free. The most often used reports:

Complete menu – all tables, graphs, analytics

Team reports

It’s also possible to create team reports, there are 2 types of them.

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