About TCC online

Our mission:

Every company is only as successful as the people working for it. We will help you select the best employees, develop them effectively and motivate them. 

We are an enthusiastic team of developers from various disciplines, including psychology to IT.  Since 2011, we have been creating and delivering innovative online tools to HR providers in Europe and around the world.  Starting life within TCC, a company founded and still run by psychologists and talent specialists, TCC Online shares the same vision: hire the right people for the right positions, to help individual reach their potential and maximise their performance.  

We understand that every company is only as successful as its human capital. That is why we help our clients choose the best possible candidates, develop them effectively as employees and give them the right kind of motivation, according to their personality.  We provide quality online tools for working with people, in particular a wide range of online psychodiagnostics questionnaires and tests, a 360 ° Feedback tool, employee surveys, and also a real-time and continuous feedback tool – Perfeed.

Openness, flexibility and a friendly approach are key to our company culture and form the basis of the services we offer to our clients.

A glimpse into our history


We launched a brand new product – Perfeed, for multi-platform, real-time feedback! 

We launched a new website: www.empfeed.com.


We enhanced our online 360° Feedback tool.

We launched a new website: www.hiretheright.com.

Our psychodiagnostic tests are included in several recruitments systems.


We once again enlarged our portfolio with a new online HR service. We began offering our clients Employee Surveys. Thanks to the Online Psychodiagnostics portal you can now monitor not only your employees’ satisfaction but also their commitment and identification with the company. We also launched new and better-organised web pages and started expanding beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.


We once again added new products to our portfolio – 360° Feedback, Team Profile. We added new psychodiagnostic questionnaires (Multifactor Work Profile, Communication Style). TCC Online grew by hiring some new bright colleagues. Furthermore, we managed to double the year-on-year turnover.


We expanded our product range with new psychodiagnostic tests and questionnaires. We updated our norms and supported our clients even more in their everyday work with employees in their organisations. We have also lectured at a number of conferences related to modern online HR methods.


In 2012, after extensive preparations, we launched onto the market our new Online Psychodiagnostics portal and our clients were able to start making use of the first psychodiagnostic methods we had developed. The first evaluees started completing the Multifactor Personality Profile questionnaire, Career Compass, Stress Management questionnaire, Abstract Thinking BASIC, Verbal Ability among other questionnaires and tests.


Founded in 2011 with the goal of creating a unique product for HR specialists, managers, personnel advisors and others, who are dedicated to their own development, as well as to the development of their team and company.   During the first year, we worked diligently to develop new original online methods. And the rest is history!

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