Employee satisfaction surveys are a modern and important tool which support HR processes within a company. They provide vital information about employee satisfaction in various areas and thus offer structured feedback necessary for taking effective and targeted measures. Modern surveys not only measure employee satisfaction of but also your employees’ commitment and loyalty to the company..

Our own experience, and that of our clients, has shown that companies which regularly ask their employees’ for feedback, and listen to the results and analysis, benefit in the long run in terms of both stability and profitability.  Employees also often recommend those companies to their friends and acquaintances as great employers. On top of that, the cycles of feedback and improvements boost morale, employee retention and promote a positive company culture.

  • satisfaction
  • commitment
  • loyalty
  • reduce turnover



In addition to gaining an insight into employee satisfaction, our Employee Satisfaction Survey gives you valuable data and analysis about employee LOYALTY (how much they identify with the company and their attitude towards it) as well as their COMMITMENT (how willing and driven they are to give a high performance and get great results).

It is these two categories that have proven time and again to be essential for promoting employee performance and dedication .

With our great visual models we display in high graphic detail employee groups broken down by satisfaction, productivity, loyalty and many more parameters.

employee angagement and identification

Using a mathematical and statistical analysis, our system also tracks connections between individual satisfaction survey questions and employee loyalty and commitment. As a result, it is able to calculate the expected shift in commitment and loyalty in correlation to the shift of evaluation of each question.

That way you know exactly what to focus on in order to retain your employees, boost their morale and performance and get the best results for your company.

how to increase identification


Did you know that if, for example, you observe your respondents’ length of practical experience, age, gender, which division they work in, and whether or not the respondent is a member of the management, you normally get over 500 possible report combinations?

Our employee satisfaction survey offers the SMART function which shortly after collecting data compares all possible criteria combinations and ranks individual categories of employees from the most to the least satisfied. This allows you to easily identify the most dissatisfied groups along with the reasons for their dissatisfaction.


how emploeey satisfaction differs

The problem-ridden questions overview function can also easily find you among all the combination those questions which scored under a limit you had set.

Within seconds you can, for example, find out that men in your London IT branch office dislike the fixed working hours, whereas female managers are unhappy about communication in the team.


the most critical problems


  • a comprehensive overview of your employees’ opinions,
  • you will find out where the shoe pinches and what your employees worry about,
  • you will know exactly what to focus on to increase identification (loyalty) and commitment,
  • ability to generate an unlimited amount of output reports,
  • you will be able to identify risk employee groups,
  • questionnaires can be distributed in any language,
  • respondent anonymity guaranteed,
  • flexible return rate measurement,
  • possibility to focus on the importance of questions in the employee satisfaction survey,
  • respondents can complete questionnaires on PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, or in pen-and-paper form,
  • you receive clear and comprehensible reports in the form of presentations for company management,
  • the design and functions can be customized according to your requirements.

Employee satisfaction survey by  TCC online


Creating an employee satisfaction survey on our platform is very easy and fast. However, should you require any help, our expert consultants and project managers are here to organise and oversee the smooth running of the project


Modern employee satisfaction surveys don’t observe satisfaction alone, they also look at employees’ loyalty to the company as well as their commitment. The above-mentioned areas have a great impact on organisations and their level of success against the competition. Through precisely targeted questions you will not only find out where you stand but also exactly what to do to make real improvements.

Combining internal and external experience

Our expert consultants have extensive experience with creating satisfaction surveys. They are at your disposal and will help you with creating new questions, revising existing ones, interpreting results, or implementing new measures.

Importance measurement

Every question in a survey can optionally be assigned a scale of importance. This helps you find out not only how satisfied employees are with the given area but also how important it is to them. Thus you may find out that even though employees aren’t satisfied in an area, they don’t consider it very important and it will be much more efficient to focus on other problems.

Historical comparison

If you decide to carry out your satisfaction surveys with us in the future, you can take advantage of the historical comparison function. This will help you see how effective your newly adopted measures have been.

Calculation rate of return

The survey offers multiple ways of calculating the rate of return. From general rate of return for all respondents to rate of return for individual groups, all the way to detailed combinations based on classification criteria. Thus you can observe the return rate for female workers from marketing in your regional branch office, and yet maintain anonymity of respondents.



    ▪ defining and specifying areas the survey is to be aimed at ▪ formulating specific questions ▪ creating a questionnaire including design and graphic form ▪ selection of classifying criteria and the client's expectations of the output


    ▪ questionnaire distribution ▪ monitoring of completion progress, or sending of reminders ▪ questionnaire collection


    ▪ administrative and statistical processing ▪ qualitative evaluation of output ▪ interpretation and formulation of recommendations in the form of final reports ▪ presentation of results to the client, if required.

Satisfaction survey – samples

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  • We cooperated with TCC online on an Employee Satisfaction Survey in companies GridServices, s.r.o. and GasNet, s.r.o. We were very much satisfied. TCC online has a highly professional approach, keeps its promises and deadlines, and promptly responds to any questions and requirements for change, always striving to meet our needs. We also had similar experience with TCC online in other projects, for example at implementation of 360° Feedback. We appreciate TCC online and recommend it for cooperation. Innogy

    Ivo ProcházkaHR Business Partner / innogy Česká republika a.s.
  • We currently use Employee Survey, 360° Feedback and Online Psychodiagnostics by TCC online. Through our cooperation we appreciate their efficiency, flexibility and precision. The quality of their work and reports is perfect. We strongly recommend them. Raiffeisen_Bank

    Kateřina ŠkubalováHR Specialist / Raiffeisenbank a.s.
  • I am really glad we chose T&CC online for our satisfaction survey. What I appreciated the most about the survey was the speed and the interface. The participants and I found it very pleasant and intuitive. A great perk has been fast and flexible communication with the team at T&CC online. They managed to answer all our questions very quickly and they even adjusted their online system to fit our requirements. Thanks to the detailed output, we now know exactly what to focus on and we also learned about our employees' commitment and the extent of their identification with our company.

    Elena RecmanovaHead of HR / Socialbakers, a.s.
  • We are very happy to have selected TCC online as our partner for our regularly held employee satisfaction surveys in Skanska. Above all we appreciate their professional approach and meticulousness during preparations as well as during the survey itself. We found their open and flexible communication very important during our cooperation. Thanks to this positive experience, we are looking forward to TCC online becoming our long-term partner in this area. SKANSKA_MAC_PANTONE [Konvert]

    Ing. Jan DolečekHuman Resources Director / Skanska a.s.
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