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During the hiring process Expert Job Matching can help you discover which applicants are more and which less suitable for the open position based on their personality. This way you can easily select those candidates who have the best potential to do the job, who are most likely to enjoy it and stay the longest. You can choose from external candidates or find hidden talent within your company.

Discover your best candidate before the competition

Expert job matching is a flexible tool which can quickly identify essential characteristics of candidates/employees by pre-set criteria and their correspondence with your ideal profile.

In the first step you create a model of an ideal candidate. You select psychodiagnostic methods focusing on various areas (personality settings, work style, career direction, stress-handling abilities, etc.), you assign them importance, i.e. how important the finding of each method is to you. Then, within each method you assign importance to each competence you wish to observe according to their relevance for given position.

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Your candidate/employee completes assigned questionnaires. Immediately after completion you receive information about how suitable the candidate or employee is for the job and how much their profile matches your pre-set ideal.

If you wish to test multiple candidates, the online system will, immediately upon completion, rank the candidates by the level of correspondence with the ideal profile for the position.

Unlimited amount of profiles for various positions can be created.  The candidate just completes the diagnostic array they are assigned and you will be able to see which position they are most suitable for.

The output report summarizes information about each candidate based on the psychodiagnostic methods selected.

The Job matching function is completely free of charge and it offers you, our clients, support in quick acquisition of  relevant information and in identification of the most suitable candidates before your competitors find them.

Expert job matching – excellent help

  • Bases on valid and reliable psychodiagnostic tools which have been standardized on working population so you can really depend on the results.
  • You yourself can create and adjust expert job matching profiles for various work positions. This means you can create a unique profile for each work position in your company.
  • You can also use ready-prepared profiles for typified work positions or at least get inspired by them.
  • With job matching you can measure specifically those competences which are most essential for success in given position. However, you can measure up to 107 competences altogether.
  • Job matching is an excellent help-mate not just in identifying external candidates; it can also help you find talents among your own.
  • And guess what the best part is. This unique online psychodiagnostic function is completely free of charge. You can create as many profiles as you have work positions and find out what works for your company and what plays the prime role.

How it works

  • Creating in ideal profile

    ▪ defining key competencies for given position use of pre-set profiles for given position ▪ use of pre-set profiles ▪ adjusting pre-set profiles to your needs ▪ creation of the profile by TCC online's consultants ▪ selection of suitable psychodiagnostic questionnaires and determining competencies

  • Testing respondents

    ▪ sending an invitation to completion of psychodiagnostic array ▪ online anywhere and any time ▪ results available immediately after completion

  • Comparison with the ideal profile

    ▪ list of respondents ranked by their correspondence with the ideal profile ▪ summarising output report evaluating individual competencies as well as detailed output report available

Expert profiles for individual positions

Expert job matching measures important and relevant areas and competencies which are closely related to the selected job position. We do not create general profiles, we always base on the specific type of work position. You can create an exact candidate profile based on your experience or you can make use of our ready-prepared profiles for individual typified work positions.

You can choose from as many as 19 profiles for various positions (sales talent, team leader, sales person, positions requiring attention and  work with data, project manager, middle manager, call centre worker, and many more).

  • sales person
  • team leader
  • manager

Psychodiagnostic packages

Try our ready-prepared packages of psychodiagnostic tests and questionnaires for specific work positions. You can choose from a wide range of positions and tools.

Discover your best candidates

Expert Job Matching allows comparison between a candidate and the profiles of all positions you have created; e.g. a candidate applies for a call centre position. However, thanks to comparing them with all the profiles, you learn that their personality traits make them more suitable for a sales position.

In such a situation, you would know immediately which position the candidate is most suitable for based on their personality. Thanks to this unique function, you can offer the candidate this more suitable job!

  • you will target the most suitable candidates
  • you will quickly dismiss the unsuitable ones
  • you will get extra information to base your decisions on

Preview of expert job matching


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