• Sleek and user-friendly on the surface, compact and complex below - with the scientifically validated psychology needed to offer reliable results and analysis. Our tests and questionnaires enable you to test and evaluate candidates and employees in a number of key areas: personality profile, stress and pressure management abilities, communication, verbal, abstract thinking skills and many more. Select the areas important to your organisation to build the picture you need to hire the right candidate and to develop your workforce with the goal of maximising their potential and reducing employee turnover.

  • The online psychodiagnostic portal offers a number of smart ways to make your job easier. Set up psychodiagnostic projects, add tests or questionnaires, assign candidates and send them a link to selected diagnostics. Take advantage of the customisable features, such as the anonymity toggle, to create the insightful tool you need. Integrated into the service and included in the prices are analytical result packages; such as Smart Reports for the Employee Survey, Team Reports and the Success Factor Index which can predict the success of sales candidates.

  • Candidates and employees begin completing the test or questionnaire as soon as they click the link emailed to them. They can do this on a computer or mobile device at a time or place convenient to them - enabling a very high return rate and getting you the information and analysis you need as quickly as possible and on the biggest possible scale. The results and analysis package, the Output Report, is created and available immediately either solely to the administrator or to two or more parties, anonymously or not, all depending on your custom configuration.

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Everything you need for selection, development, and evaluation in one place

Under the TCC Online roof you will find all the online methods you need to support the selection, development, and evaluation of candidates and employees. The Online Psychodiagnostics portal is filled with great tools ranging from psychodiagnostic questionnaires and tests, to 360° Feedback and satisfaction surveys.  All our methods were designed to be user-friendly as well as detailed and effective. So why wait? Get in touch with us and we would love to get you started right away!

Multilingual psychological tests and questionnaires

Respondents can complete the selected tests and questionnaires in many languages in addition to English. Translations into other languages as well as the creation of specific norms for a given population can also be arranged as required.

360° Feedback projects and Employee Surveys can be in any language you require.

Phone and e-mail support

We are with you every step of the way! We are happy to discuss your needs, help you design the ideal solution to enhance your HR processes, or support your human resources business.

Send invitations as emails

Send e-mail-like invitations directly from the system. Send invitations to participants as if you were writing an e-mail.

Send pictures, documents, and other attachments via the online system.

Thus you will have all important information at your disposal at all times, should you need it for further use.

Clear output reports

Your output reports are available immediately after completing the diagnostics. You can adjust the format of the output reports.

Custom-made solutions

We will be happy to design and create the perfect solution for you. We can dress the psychodiagnostics portal in your company colours, add more functions or translate your own pen-and-paper methods into an online form.

We care about safety

All your data is protected against unauthorised access, backed up and archived for the duration of business relation in accordance with Business terms and Framework contract. Data back-up runs continually and and the data is stored even in case of sudden interruption of work on tests and questionnaires for whatever reason. TCC Online is a registered personal data administrator.

Our systems are hosted by hosting centre, which is a holder of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates from TÜV SÜD with service guarantee of at least 99,99%. The system is protected by firewall with restrictive rule settings and monitored by an intrusion detection system and an antivirus program. Network accesses are minutely logged and a log audit is carried out on a regular basis.

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