Job matching

Wouldn’t you like to have more employees like the best of your current teams?

Or be able to reduce employee turnover?

And also to follow the progress of talented people within the company?

Job matching will help you predict which applicants are more and which less suitable for an open position based on their personality. This way you can easily select those candidates who have the most potential to do the job, who are most likely to enjoy it and stay the longest. You can choose from external candidates as well as find the hidden talents already in your organisation.



Job matching by TCC online is a flexible tool with which you can quickly identify essential characteristics of candidates or employees with pre-defined criteria.

Our tools allow you to measure and set a candidate profile with more than 100 personality traits and competencies.



How it works

  • Ideal profile

    ▪in the first phase you create an ideal candidate profile ▪ you can use our pre-prepared profiles, create your own, or we can make a customised profile just for you

  • Online completion

    ▪ candidates complete their assigned online psychodiagnostics ▪ online output is available to you immediately after completion

  • Identifying the best

    ▪ in overall output reports you will find information about how much a candidate matches the ideal profile ▪ detailed output reports focusing on e.g. personality settings or career direction are also available


With the SFI method we took part in a recruitment process of sales reps in the banking sector. Based on the collected data, a mathematical model was created which predicted a business person’s success rate with high reliability and validity (90%). Candidates identified by this model as talented now earn on average 87 577 EUR in contract value per month. Candidates whose performance potential was identified as low arrive at only 19 335 EUR in contract value per month, i.e. solely 22% of contract value achieved by the “talents”.

Job matching models

Success Factor Index

In the framework of Success Factor Index, our psychometrics and mathematical and statistical analysis experts will cooperate with your company to create a psychological profile fitted to given position by interconnecting business data with psychodiagnostics. You will receive a profile which uses a candidates personality traits to predict with nearly 100% accuracy the likelihood of a candidate’s success in given position (how successful they will be, how likely they are to leave). You will receive a special and unique tool on the market thanks to which you can rapidly increase the performance of new hires and reduce their turnover. Designing this model requires your cooperation. In order to make the model precise we need a sample of minimum 40 employees in the position. They do not, however, need to be working there all at the same time, the data can be collected continuously.

Expert Job Matching

In the framework of Expert Job Matching, our company’s psychologists have used our know-how and rich experience with psychological employee profiles to create a wide range of pre-prepared psychological profiles for standard work positions. You will find here the profile of a typical sales person, a manager, etc. It needs to be pointed out that these pre-prepared profiles can never be absolutely precise. They are created for certain typical positions. Our experience shows that one company‘s very successful sales person can be another company’s average. Many factors are at play: different company cultures, sales style, different products, etc. Any profile can, however, be easily adapted to your company’s needs. It is all up to you. In case you have any more specific requests, our support is at your disposal and will be happy to help you create a new profile. Your company needs to do very little in order to implement this model. Just contact us and you will be able to start taking advantage of Expert Job Matching in a matter of hours.

Benefits of Job Matching

Supports fast and targeted recruitment

Using the job matching models (expert job matching, success factor index) you will quickly identify the candidates who are most suitable based on their personality settings. The results are available to you as soon as the candidate completes their psychodiagnostic questionnaires.

Detailed and summarising reports

You can receive summarising as well as detailed output reports. In the summarising reports you will find the candidate’s comparison with the pre-set criteria essential for the position. The detailed reports show you results in individual psychodiagnostic methods focusing on various areas (character, stress handling ability, career direction), together with description of strong suits and risks.

Identification of hidden potential

For every candidate/employee you get a clear overview of which positions they are suitable for based on their personality. This will help you see, for example, if a candidate applying unsuccessfully for one position may have the potential for some other open position. This can also help you plan your employees’ career progress.

Flexible candidate search

The portal allows you to compare candidates from all projects. This means you can compare all participants with one another. Such a comparison allows you to react practically and flexibly to specific candidates and their personality settings as well as to the current needs of your company.


  • We have been using the Success Factor Index for the second year to recruit merchants before the Assessment Center, where the lines are sent to candidates for filling in or filled in personally in the office of the region. The model has been custom made, so we have the ability to predict and compare the success of the turnover specifically for our co-workers. In most cases, the estimate of success is confirmed. This index is becoming more and more successful, apart from the HR department, it is also being used by managers mainly during the adaptation period and for the further development of traders. SFI has helped us not only save time and money, but it has also helped to increase the quality of newcomers, which is the foundation on which our company is based. čmss

    Veronika JurkováHR specialist / Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, a.s.
  • We are cooperating with TCC on several projects, especially in the areas of recruitment, education, and further personal development of employees. It is their reliability and helpfulness in resolving any problem which always reassures us we are working with true professionals in their field. At present, TCC is conducting major projects in the area of psychodiagnostics with job applicants. Specifically, it involves the use of personality questionnaires and business profile tests or questionnaires for measuring motivation. We normally use these questionnaires in recruitment for business network or communication centre positions. Individual solutions always go hand in hand with complications, compromises, and negotiations. Thanks to Radka Chaloupková or Bára Daňková, who we are in contact with, these negotiations have always been pleasant and constructive. Thanks to using the services of TCC with our job applicants we have gained not only an excellent tool for entrance evaluation, but as a result of a thorough technical training on result interpretation, we have discovered new possibilities of applying these results, especially in the field of further development of new employees. Thus, our company is currently also employing other tests and questionnaires to determine employee productivity, tests for feedback evaluation, or development tools for discovering potential. Cooperating with TCC has definitely been a step in the right direction and we would recommend it to all those who want to recruit first-rate motivated employees and also to those who want to help their workers evolve and to support the growth of their potential. čmss

    Alena GrelováHR specialist / Česká pojišťovna, a.s.

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