Online psychodiagnostics

Online diagnostics is a modern tool for people management. It informs about an individual’s personality, work motivation, ability to handle stress, management style and many other findings. You can get to know your candidates before even interviewing them, identify development needs of individuals and teams, and receive valid and reliable output for you to build on.


  • It is available at any time and any place, all you need is Internet access.
  • Output reports are lucid and give information over and above CV’s and interviews.
  • Output for individuals as well as entire teams.
  • Optional generation of team output free of charge for all projects.
  • Wide field of application in HR processes.
  • Simple user-friendly interface.

Psychodiagnostics questionnaires and tests

Information about questionnaires

We offer a wide range of online psychodiagnostic and psychometric questionnaires focusing on personality, motivation, team roles, managerial styles, stress handling, or specific work competences.

The questionnaires are intended for managers and business people as well as executive workers and specialists. Completing them takes about 15 minutes, which means you can very quickly get very lucid and comprehensible information and recommendations. Output reports are well-orgnized, poignant, and specific. They can be used for diagnostics of individuals as well as for team profiles of surveys (e.g. surveys of prevalent managerial styles, team resistence to stress, etc.)

The questionnaires can be a valuable source of information about new hirees, tell you about a candidate’s advantages, or warn you about potential risks, and can help you make your job interviews more effective and better targeted. They are also a source of information for further development, for the work of a lecturer or a coach.

Some questionnaires allow you to set an ideal profile, an internal benchmark, or a required level of a competence. They are constructed so as to minimize the risk of distortion and stylization. Taking part in the creation of these questionnaires are experienced psychologists with many years of practice in the area of human resources management, lecturers, sociologists, and andragogy experts. All questionnaires are standardized on the Czech working population. They are regularly revised, put through various validation studies, and they comply with high standards of validity and reliability.

Information about tests

We offer first-rate psychodiagnostic and psychometric tests of specific abilities or knowledge.

Using our tests allows you to measure quickly the level of verbal skills, abstract thinking, concentration of attention, short-term memory or the knowledge of English. For sales people, we offer a test of practical sales thinking.

The tests give you a quick idea of your employees’ or candidates’ prerequisites for good performance. You can also apply them in the process of selection from a large number of candidates. Participants can be compared by their results in individual tests or by their overall score.

All questionnaires are standardized on the Czech working population. They are regularly revised, put through various validation studies, and they comply with high standards of validity and reliability.


Based on diagnostic methods we have identified key traits in telephone operators which relate to customer activity and satisfaction. Our Multifactor personality profile is able to predict both areas very well. Active operators identified by the Multifactor personality profile earn up to 25% higher revenues and customer satisfaction with these operators is higher as well.



  • We use online diagnostic methods from TCC online for the selection of candidates for administrative positions. TCC online developed customized diagnostic methods for us according to our vision and competence model. We appreciate their professional approach and fast response time to our suggestions. Also in the course of using the diagnostic methods, TCC online is flexible and quickly responds to our requirements. We also appreciate the opportunity given to our recruiters to go through a day-long training regarding the design of the diagnostic methods, the way of proper evaluations of results in the individual scales/areas, and the ways of providing feedback to our candidates. Thanks to the professionally designed diagnostic methods, our recruiters are able to assess our candidates and select the suitable ones, as well as to provide professional services to our managers. tpca

    Kristýna SýkorováSpecialist / HR Department / Recruitment / Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech, s.r.o.
  • We currently use Employee Survey, 360° Feedback and Online Psychodiagnostics by TCC online. Through our cooperation we appreciate their efficiency, flexibility and precision. The quality of their work and reports is perfect. We strongly recommend them. Raiffeisen_Bank

    Kateřina ŠkubalováHR Specialist / Raiffeisenbank a.s.
  • I speak for myself as well as the selection procedure participants when I say that this type of diagnostics is an excellent tool for getting to know your applicants. I would strongly recommend it for further use.

    Mgr. Dagmar Křivánková
    Mgr. Dagmar Křivánková Skanska
  • When selecting new employees for a company of the RWE group in the Czech Republic, we use a wide range of modern work-related online psychodiagnostics. We use methods offered by TCC Online for selected positions. This company offered us a custom-made solution to suit our needs, which in addition to tests, includes services related to their implementation within a standard recruitment process. People in TCC Online are not only professionals in their field, they also enjoy what they do and we, as their client, appreciate their helpfulness and flexibility.   RWE (Kopírovat)

    PhDr. Tomáš RodnýDevelopment & Recruitment / RWE Transgas, a.s.
  • We consider online psychodiagnostics to be a useful tool in hiring, where it supports and streamlines the procedures of selecting a suitable candidate.

    Monika Chvalinová
    Monika ChvalinováTelefónica O2 Czech Republic
  • At the request of our client, we always use a combination of T&CC online tests to help us identify suitable candidates for top management positions. The tests are very easy to use and interpret and they identify the necessary personality and managerial traits of candidates with sufficient precision. The output of these tests is graphic and comprehensive. amrop (Kopírovat)

    Ing. Gabriela ŘíhováSenior Consultant / Amrop – Worldwide Secretariat
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