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  • We currently use Employee Survey, 360° Feedback and Online Psychodiagnostics by TCC online. Through our cooperation we appreciate their efficiency, flexibility and precision. The quality of their work and reports is perfect. We strongly recommend them. Raiffeisen_Bank

    Kateřina ŠkubalováHR Specialist / Raiffeisenbank a.s.
  • We cooperated with TCC online on an Employee Satisfaction Survey in companies GridServices, s.r.o. and GasNet, s.r.o. We were very much satisfied. TCC online has a highly professional approach, keeps its promises and deadlines, and promptly responds to any questions and requirements for change, always striving to meet our needs. We also had similar experience with TCC online in other projects, for example at implementation of 360° Feedback. We appreciate TCC online and recommend it for cooperation. Innogy

    Ivo ProcházkaHR Business Partner / innogy Česká republika a.s.
  • We use online diagnostic methods from TCC online for the selection of candidates for administrative positions. TCC online developed customized diagnostic methods for us according to our vision and competence model. We appreciate their professional approach and fast response time to our suggestions. Also in the course of using the diagnostic methods, TCC online is flexible and quickly responds to our requirements. We also appreciate the opportunity given to our recruiters to go through a day-long training regarding the design of the diagnostic methods, the way of proper evaluations of results in the individual scales/areas, and the ways of providing feedback to our candidates. Thanks to the professionally designed diagnostic methods, our recruiters are able to assess our candidates and select the suitable ones, as well as to provide professional services to our managers. tpca

    Kristýna SýkorováSpecialist / HR Department / Recruitment / Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech, s.r.o.
  • We applied psychodiagnostics during selection procedures for the position of OSH and fire safety specialist. It was sent to 12 applicants, one of whom was then employed. All applicants completed the questionnaire and stated during a personal interview that they had found this kind of diagnostics interesting. Even those not hired reacted very positively to the results and took them as recommendations and a reflection on themselves in given areas. I can certainly say that the contents of results of individual psychodiagnostic tests and questionnaires correspond with reality. We have found the Personality profile very beneficial in terms of participants' advantages and risks and also in terms of recommendations. For example, the personality profile of one participant showed a risk of low empathy, tact, and diplomacy, which then actually manifested itself in their reaction to learning they were not hired, which was more than a little arrogant. I speak for myself as well as the selection procedure participants when I say that this type of diagnostics is an excellent tool for getting to know your applicants. I would strongly recommend it for further use. SKANSKA_MAC_PANTONE [Konvert]

    Mgr. Dagmar Křivánková HR Manager / Skanska a.s. divize Betonové konstrukce
amrop (Kopírovat)
  • At the request of our client, we always use a combination of T&CC online tests to help us identify suitable candidates for top management positions. The tests are very easy to use and interpret and they identify the necessary personality and managerial traits of candidates with sufficient precision. The output of these tests is graphic and comprehensive. amrop (Kopírovat)

    Ing. Gabriela ŘíhováSenior Consultant / Amrop – Worldwide Secretariat
  • Cooperating with TCC Online has been great. For the client survey at Transparency International's Legal Advice Centre, they offered us a quick and effective solution tailored precisely to our requirements. The results themselves, which we received immediately after the survey had finished in well-structured graphic form, were even better. Moreover, as a non-profit organisation we received all these professional services pro bono, which is a great perk for us and it shows what a socially conscientious company our partner is. logo Transparency International Czech Republic

    Petr LeyerLawyer / Transparency International Czech Republic
SANEK (Kopírovat)
  • When we were preparing a project of complex management development in a supranational manufacturing company, we chose TCC online to carry out online 360° Feedback. During this project, we appreciated the quality of cooperation with TCC online s.r.o., be it during data collection, result summary, or personalisation of output according to our client's wishes. Our partners in TCC online responded  very promptly to any questions and new suggestions and processed everything very quickly. Our client was very satisfied with the cooperation and so were we. SANEK (Kopírovat)

    Mgr. Dana Rybáková
    Mgr. Dana RybákováProject manager / SANEK s.r.o.
  • We consider online psychodiagnostics to be a useful tool in hiring, where it supports and streamlines the procedures of selecting a suitable candidate. We are currently using it for some selected positions, considering the range and nature of information it can provide and whether it is relevant for the position. Online psychodiagnostics certainly cannot replace the work of the psychologist who, who takes part in selection procedures, but we do see it as a useful and beneficial supplement.   o2-logo (Kopírovat)

    Monika ChvalinováHR Consultant | HR Consulting and Resourcing / Telefónica Czech Republic, a.s.
o2-logo (Kopírovat)
RWE (Kopírovat)
  • When selecting new employees for a company of the RWE group in the Czech Republic, we use a wide range of modern work-related online psychodiagnostics. We use methods offered by TCC Online for selected positions. This company offered us a custom-made solution to suit our needs, which in addition to tests, includes services related to their implementation within a standard recruitment process. People in TCC Online are not only professionals in their field, they also enjoy what they do and we, as their client, appreciate their helpfulness and flexibility.   RWE (Kopírovat)

    PhDr. Tomáš RodnýDevelopment & Recruitment / RWE Transgas, a.s.
  • We are very happy to have selected TCC online as our partner for our regularly held employee satisfaction surveys in Skanska. Above all we appreciate their professional approach and meticulousness during preparations as well as during the survey itself. We found their open and flexible communication very important during our cooperation. Thanks to this positive experience, we are looking forward to TCC online becoming our long-term partner in this area. SKANSKA_MAC_PANTONE [Konvert]

    Ing. Jan DolečekHuman Resources Director / Skanska a.s.
poll (Kopírovat)
  • We worked with TCC online in a project of online 360° Feedback. Introducing this method of evaluation has been essential for us. Thanks to the professional and meticulous approach of TCC online both the course and the results were exactly as we had imagined. The company's representative was our partner in creating the questionnaire, always warning us about possible pitfalls as well as advantages of some statements and at the same time giving us enough space for our requests and ideas. The output reports were processed very fast and in good quality, including visualisation through charts. Evaluators as well as evaluees welcomed the guarantee of anonymity, lucidity and user-friendliness of the system, and a complex care throughout the evaluation process. We were also more than satisfied from the administrator point of view. The entire team manifested their high professionalism in the flexibility with which they reacted to technical questions and observations. We now know that carrying out this evaluation with TCC online was extraordinary for us as far as time and, above all, quality is concerned. Thanks to this positive experience, we know we now have an excellent long-term partner for evaluation projects. Their product range is both diverse and compact. We will be happy to employ this team of professionals again in the future. poll (Kopírovat)

    Mgr. Michálková Miroslava HR Partner / POLL s.r.o
  • Thanks for the professional work with customers and their willingness to advise or react whenever necessary. We will be happy to come back to you in the future. mvs_projekt (Kopírovat)

    Rostislav HonusExecutive Director / MVS Projekt, s.r.o.
mvs_projekt (Kopírovat)
  • We are an international company with circa 900 employees working in ten countries around the world. It has become a standard for our teams to consist of people of various nationalities working in various countries. This is why we are always looking for a solution we can offer to all of them regardless of their location. The case of 360° Feedback, which we have carried out for four consecutive years now, was no different. We chose TCC online for a 360° Feedback project in 2014. We were looking for a tool that would be sufficiently flexible, simple, and open to our adjustments. At the same time, we were looking for a supplier offering modern solutions capable of working in required world languages and through web interface. Another criterion was the price of the service. We chose TCC online. In 2014 we used this product to carry out the first part of a 360° Feedback for 40 managers. More then 400 employees took part in this project, offering their observations and feedback. We were satisfied with the environment as well as the communication with the provider. We are currently preparing another phase of the "360°", this time for another 80 managers. We are satisfied with the product as well as its ability to react to any necessary adjustments. Communication is fast and the provider reacts even over and beyond the standard working hours. čmss

    Ales Demjan HR Manager / Moravia IT a.s.
  • We are cooperating with TCC on several projects, especially in the areas of recruitment, education, and further personal development of employees. It is their reliability and helpfulness in resolving any problem which always reassures us we are working with true professionals in their field. At present, TCC is conducting major projects in the area of psychodiagnostics with job applicants. Specifically, it involves the use of personality questionnaires and business profile tests or questionnaires for measuring motivation. We normally use these questionnaires in recruitment for business network or communication centre positions. Individual solutions always go hand in hand with complications, compromises, and negotiations. Thanks to Radka Chaloupková or Bára Daňková, who we are in contact with, these negotiations have always been pleasant and constructive. Thanks to using the services of TCC with our job applicants we have gained not only an excellent tool for entrance evaluation, but as a result of a thorough technical training on result interpretation, we have discovered new possibilities of applying these results, especially in the field of further development of new employees. Thus, our company is currently also employing other tests and questionnaires to determine employee productivity, tests for feedback evaluation, or development tools for discovering potential. Cooperating with TCC has definitely been a step in the right direction and we would recommend it to all those who want to recruit first-rate motivated employees and also to those who want to help their workers evolve and to support the growth of their potential. čmss

    Alena GrelováHR specialist / Česká pojišťovna, a.s.
ceskaspojistovna (Kopírovat)
  • We have made a first run of 360° Feedback in our company in 2013, but our supplier at that time failed to convince us about the quality of provided services. Based on this, we have begun a tender for a new provider of 360° Feedback for managers of our company, not only for managers in the Czech Republic, but also for CEOs in 6 countries of Central Europe. TCC online decisively won that tender, based on the fact that it was able to deal best with a “case study” we presented – case study included a problem about not keeping anonymity of evaluators. TCC online won the tender based on their favorable price offer, but also thanks to great attitude and approach of its Managing Director Barbora Daňková and HR Project Manager Andrea Forejtová. We managed to design together areas and statements that we wanted to evaluate, set the evaluation scale and, most importantly thanks to intensive cooperation, managed to accomplish successful results – providing personal feedback to evaluated managers by experienced lecturers, including written reports, but also obtain a general evaluation of the whole 360° Feedback project for our company and identification of the most troubling areas. All this of course also for the Central Europe CEOs. Thanks to a great experience with TCC online, we know that we will realize 360° feedbacks in this year as well. čmss

    Tereza SoučkováHR Generalist / BNP Paribas Cardif Pojistovna, a.s.
  • We have been using the Success Factor Index for the second year to recruit merchants before the Assessment Center, where the lines are sent to candidates for filling in or filled in personally in the office of the region. The model has been custom made, so we have the ability to predict and compare the success of the turnover specifically for our co-workers. In most cases, the estimate of success is confirmed. This index is becoming more and more successful, apart from the HR department, it is also being used by managers mainly during the adaptation period and for the further development of traders. SFI has helped us not only save time and money, but it has also helped to increase the quality of newcomers, which is the foundation on which our company is based. čmss

    Veronika JurkováHR specialist / Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, a.s.
  • I felt the cooperation was very fruitful. Your services were professional; you were responsive, flexible, and communicative. The survey went very well and the reports, even with the complication of translations, were excellent. The site was easy to navigate and you made the whole process as easy as possible. apag-logo

    Anand KanoriaManaging Director / APAGCoSyst Electronic Control Systems
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