Do you not know what your team’s strong and weak suits are?
Do you not know hot to increase your team’s productivity?
Avail yourselves of the possibility to have team output generated for individual questionnaires – completely FREE OF CHARGE!

Get a quick idea of individual teams and their compatibility with their manager. Map the strong suits as well as development needs of a team. See how united a team is and where there is a risk of conflict.

  • Team output allows creating an embracive output of individual questionnaires for the entire selected team,
  • team output has the same structure as individual output, but it also gives you an overall idea of the team and its members,
  • you can assemble a team for collective output out of any participants throughout groups and projects,
  • in team settings you can mark individual participants as managers – their results will not be an anonymous part of the team results, they will appear separately, marked by a colour of your choice,
  • you can assign any colour to any participant making their results well distinguishable in the team output.

Take a look at some sample team output of our questionnaires:

Multifactor personality profile

Career Compass

Team profile

Sales Profile QUICK

Stress management questionnarie

Mangerial style QUICK

Sales Profile FULL

Communication style questionnaire

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