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  • I am really glad we chose TCC online for our satisfaction survey.

    Elena Recmanova
    Elena RecmanovaSocialbakers
  • I speak for myself as well as the selection procedure participants when I say that this type of diagnostics is an excellent tool for getting to know your applicants. I would strongly recommend it for further use.

    Mgr. Dagmar Křivánková
    Mgr. Dagmar Křivánková Skanska
  • Thanks to the professionally designed diagnostic methods, our recruiters are able to assess our candidates and select the suitable ones, as well as to provide professional services to our managers.

    Kristýna Sýkorová
    Kristýna SýkorováToyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech, s.r.o.
  • We consider online psychodiagnostics to be a useful tool in hiring, where it supports and streamlines the procedures of selecting a suitable candidate.

    Monika Chvalinová
    Monika ChvalinováTelefónica O2 Czech Republic
  • Cooperating with TCC online has definitely been a step in the right direction and we would recommend it to all those who want to recruit first-rate motivated employees and also to those who want to help their workers evolve and to support the growth of their potential.

    Alena Grelová
    Alena GrelováČeská pojišťovna, a.s.
  • The quality of their work and outputs is perfect. We strongly recommend them.  

    Kateřina Škubalová
    Kateřina ŠkubalováRaiffeisenbank a.s.
  • We appreciate TCC online and recommend it for cooperation.  

    Ivo Procházka
    Ivo Procházkainnogy


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We are finding new partners all around the world and empowering them with our state-of-the-art tools including Psychodiagnostic Tests, 360° Feedback and Employee Surveys.

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The role our partners play is crucial for us and we are dedicated to helping you succeed. Whether you are an HR consultancy, a job portal, a cloud solution provider or any other kind of business, we have the experience to make it work.



  • Top products covering any testing your clients might need.
  • A vast amount of references and support to build upon.
  • Flexible made-to-measure changes and development of anything you may need to succeed.
  • Possible to use a white-label solution.
  • Case studies, validation studies and all the arguments you need to convince your clients.
  • A fair share of the profit for both parties.

And of course, the cooperation goes both ways – we might be interested in offering your services to our clients.

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Products for your success


  • high-quality psychodiagnostic personality questionnaires and performance tests
  • quick information for your decision-making
  • support your intuition and observations with objective facts
  • take full adantage of individual or team output

360° Feedback

  • a fast and convenient tool for feedback
  • get inspired by our well-tried know-how
  • adapt it to your needs
  • ideal for large projects as well as individual development

Job Matching

  • makes highly reliable prognoses about which candidates will be successful in your company
  • reduces staff turnover thanks to well-aimed selection
  • identify hidden talents easily
  • unique selection method – we are its sole providers on the market

Employee Survey

  • Find out your employees’ opinions and level of satisfaction
  • use our question database or enter your own
  • work with comprehensive and immediately presentable reports
  • enhance the commitment of your employees and their identification with your company

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