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More effective HR
Our tools are built on a unique methodology, and we manage the entire development process. We are thus able to create a flexible solution that benefits each client.
Quality tools available
Are you an HR professional, manager, or consultant? Quality online tools are there for every HR professional.
91% higher profits
You, too, can take advantage of the unique Success Factor Index method, which allows you to select employees based on your organization's exact needs. By combining psychology and statistics, we can identify candidates similar to your most successful employees.
A fast and intuitive system
We have created a very intuitive and user-friendly online environment where you can create your own Psychodiagnostics, 360° Feedback, Employee Surveys, and other HR projects.
Satisfied customers
We always strive to be based on the specific needs of our customers. We are happy to tailor a solution to your wishes, conditions, and financial possibilities.
Backed up and secure data
You don't have to worry about the security of your data. We provide it for you in an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 certified data center from TÜV SÜD, with an availability guarantee of 99.99%.

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Marta Fabiánová for Profi HR: How Leaders (Un)motivate Us

15. 4. 2024

Marta Fabiánová, Managing Director of TCC online, has written an article on leadership and motivation for the April issue of Profi HR. This piece is now also available on our blog. Enjoy reading her insights. When asked whether their...

Marta Fabiánová for HR news: How to get the most out of personality tests in interviews?

13. 2. 2024

Psychodiagnostics offer an important source of information about candidates. In practice, we receive a number of questions from clients regarding, among other things, when to use psychodiagnostic questionnaires and tests and how to handle...

PF 2024

20. 12. 2023

Leave the ball to the oracles! Also in 2024, build your HR solutions on data! Looking forward to working with you, TCC online...

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