360° Feedback – Emotional Intelligence

360° Feedback – Emotional Intelligence is based on the principles of the classic “three hundred and sixty,” in which a group of people – typically a supervisor, colleagues, and subordinates – evaluate employees according to pre-defined areas. In addition to feedback through standardized questions, evaluators can also provide open-ended comments, recommendations, and appreciation of their colleagues to whom the 360° Feedback is addressed. Thus, the employee receives comprehensive and balanced feedback from their environment, focusing on emotional intelligence, which they can compare with their self-assessment.

The 360° Feedback – Emotional Intelligence questions focus on areas related to emotional intelligence, i.e., recognizing emotions in others, assertiveness, stress management, and relationship building.

The Emotional Intelligence test also maps these areas. Choose a combination of these two tools to get a truly comprehensive assessment of emotional intelligence. The 360° Feedback – Emotional Intelligence tool provides an overview of how those around you perceive you. With the Emotional Intelligence test, you will map your aptitudes and abilities against the wider population.

360° Feedback – Emotional Intelligence looks at 4 core competencies


Does the participant assert themselves appropriately or at the expense of others? Are they able to respond appropriately to aggressive behavior? Can they express their opinion? And how do they handle criticism or people offering to help? These are typical questions related to assertiveness.

Stress management

Tato oblast otázek se orientuje na schopnost reagovat pod tlakem, pojmenovat priority a vést úkoly k řešení i za ztížených okolností. Zohledňuje také schopnost účastníka projevovat a ovládat své emoce ve vypjatých situacích.

Stress management

This portion of the questions focuses on the ability to respond under pressure, identify priorities, and complete tasks even under challenging circumstances. It also considers the participant’s ability to express and control their emotions in tense situations.

Relationship building

Is the participant interested in others, respectful of their opinions, and willing to give them advice? This section also looks at the ability to involve oneself and others in the team.

Clear and understandable output reports

Flexible 360° Feedback reporting options make it easy to mix up the exit report to get the most out of it for both the appraisee and the manager or coach.

Proven methodology and flexible online solutions

  • We deliver 360° Feedback online focused on emotional intelligence using a proven methodology.
  • As well as set questions, there is also room for personal comments and recommendations.
  • Detailed, easy-to-interpret output reports are available in your choice of variants.
  • Outputs also include a comparison between your self-perception and the appraisal of other evaluators.

Outputs in varying detail to suit the needs of both the evaluator and the evaluated

Within the individual 360° Feedback – Emotional Intelligence reports, you can create an output from several predefined categories free of charge. You will use a different type of output report for the evaluator, another for the supervisor, and another for the coach. You can easily combine the outputs according to your ideas and needs. There are dozens of possible charts and reports from which to choose.
In addition to individual reports, you can easily view the outputs for the entire team. You can choose from two types of team outputs: the so-called comparative comparison of evaluators or the so-called average – the aggregated output for multiple evaluators.

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