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I have cooperated with TCC online in the implementation of Employee Satisfaction Surveys repeatedly during my practice. I make sure that getting feedback from employees is done in a safe manner so they can afford open-ended statements. The survey outputs are always clearly and quickly compiled. Verbal expert commentary can also be provided. Over the years of working together, I have had only the best customer experiences. I appreciate the overall professionalism with which the entire TCC online team approaches the contracts. Cooperation is always friendly and professional, and we are able to customize solutions with them: we created some of the questions together to tailor them to our needs. The overall speed of deployment of the solution provided is also great. Once the schedule is agreed upon, deadlines are met, and collaboration over the communication plan begins. TCC online provides excellent ongoing communication throughout the survey implementation. Last but not least, we end up with a clearly defined output. When we order the service, it is presented and supplemented with context and benchmarking data in which a comparison with the outputs of similar companies is possible. This feature is extremely valuable. I have also noticed the continuous innovation and improvement of the overall environment and output reports. The overall output serves as a treasure trove for us to suggest changes and implement specific actions that we strongly believe will contribute to developing our company culture and work environment. We look forward to continued collaboration, and for those who have not yet made up their minds about TCC online, we say go for it!


Ing. Marcela Medková

HR Director / DT-holding a.s.

We started cooperation with TCC online in the area of satisfaction surveys. Subsequently, we expanded our collaboration to include online diagnostics and 360° Feedback. We particularly appreciate the proactive and professional approach. Our colleagues at TCC online always try to meet our requirements and often recommend alternative (often more suitable) solutions. The implementation of all projects so far has gone smoothly. All TCC online representatives have been amiable and professional. We highly recommend them.


Česká zbrojovka a.s.

We approached TCC online to help us set up a process for getting feedback from employees. They completely exceeded our expectations with their professional approach, initiative, and speed of their processing. The cooperation was very pleasant. TCC online representatives were always responsive to our requests and tried to empathize with our environment, which clearly showed in the quality of the overall output. It was definitely not our last cooperation, and we highly recommend TCC online!


Zuzana Milotová

Human Resources / ZF Engineering Plzeň s.r.o.

We approached TCC online when we decided that we needed help to do a good employee satisfaction survey at the end of the year. Everything was handled pretty much at the last minute. I am very happy that we chose TCC online. Ms. Vasilis, who took us on, communicated promptly and clearly from the beginning and did her best to meet our deadline. The questionnaire and the processing of the results are of a very high standard and have been a valuable source of ideas for us on how and what to improve and focus on in our company. Thanks to the questionnaire and its results, we will be able to identify areas of improvement for the increased satisfaction of our employees. We will definitely use TCC online again.


Jana Parmová

HR & Happiness Manager / Optimio s.r.o.

We have been cooperating with TCC online for more than two years and are very satisfied with our cooperation. We have never encountered anything other than a very professional, helpful, and accommodating approach. We use TCC online’s psychodiagnostics for our organization, which has professionalized our entire recruitment process. We highly recommend working with TCC online.


Jakub Líčka

Secretary General / Caritas Czech Republic

As a data-driven company, we look for solutions that are measurable and objective. We need to be able to track their effectiveness and benefits over time. TCC online has helped us achieve this as part of our overall goal to improve the recruitment process, specifically by linking online diagnostics to our core competencies, measuring them, and benchmarking Rohlik's top performers.


Zuzana Melicheríková

HR Director /

We cooperated with TCC online to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. What we most appreciate about the cooperation is their friendliness, speed, promptness, and readiness to respond to any changes in requirements. The company demonstrates a professional approach throughout the communication process from the presentation of the offer to the presentation of the results. It was also vital for us to compare ourselves with similar companies. The outputs made this possible and provided many suggestions for the further development of our working environment. Thank you.


Lydie Jaroměřská

Director of the Personnel Department / CzechInvest Business and Investment Promotion Agency

I highly recommend cooperation with TCC online. Together we worked on 180° Feedback for senior employees. TCC online provided quality and fast support in the overall administration, questionnaire processing and final report. They were available for questions and tailored solutions to our needs. The survey outputs gave us a picture of the organization and leaders from several different perspectives.


Magda Hájková

Interim HR Manager / Můj personalista s.r.o.

With TCC online, we have implemented 360° Feedback for top management. We found the cooperation pleasant and beneficial. I especially appreciate the flexibility of the online tool and its ease of use, as well as the consultants' approach, which was friendly and oriented to our needs. The evaluation outputs are clear and can be adapted to different requirements. We like to stay in touch with TCC online, especially through professional events.


Marcela Drotárová

HR Specialist – Education / COLAS CZ, a.s.

On May 15, 2018, we decided to conduct a survey on the satisfaction and motivation of our employees. We wanted to present the results at a company conference at the end of May. The goal was clear: to find a suitable partner who would help us quickly and efficiently prepare a tailor-made survey for our company in the shortest time, to get feedback from all employees, and to identify areas to focus on in the future. We contacted the TCC online team, who immediately impressed us with their professional approach. Daňková clarified the individual requirements, and the action could begin. Within 24 hours of this meeting, we released the questionnaire survey. We received the complete results in a clear form in a week and could present them at the company conference. We would like to thank TCC online for the great cooperation. The entire online employee satisfaction survey was conducted professionally. What we appreciated the most was the speed of the implementation of the survey and the possibility of including questions about employees identifying with the company and their engagement. Also, we highly valued the clarity of the final results, the possibility of presenting and filtering them by department, and the anonymity of the entire survey. Based on this experience, we believe that we will continue to work with TCC online on further projects in the area of employee satisfaction and motivation.


Ing. Petr Procházka

Deputy Managing Director and HR Director / BEDNAR FMT s.r.o.

Se společností TCC online jsme realizovali projekt 360° zpětná vazba ve firmě Berendsen. Podpora při realizaci byla vždy rychlá a úplná, a vše se podařilo zvládnout hladce a elegantně i navzdory krátkému času na přípravu. Během ní nám pracovníci TCC online pomohli specifikovat parametry projektu, upravit je na míru našim potřebám, vždy reagovali v dohodnutých termínech a výstup byl maximálně přehledný a profesionální. V budoucnu jistě využijeme služeb TCC online i na jiné projekty a můžeme s klidem doporučit spolupráci s touto firmou.


Jana Puškáčová

Regional manager / Elis Group

We chose TCC online to conduct an employee satisfaction survey and for 360° Feedback. What we appreciated most about the cooperation was the speed, professionalism, and effort to meet our needs. The 360° Feedback method was entirely new for our company, and we greatly appreciated the advice, opinions, and recommendations we received from TCC online. The implementation of both projects went smoothly, and the cooperation with TCC online representatives was enjoyable. We highly recommend them.


Ing. Anežka Bruštíková

HR and Training Assistant / Liebherr – Stavební stroje CZ s.r.o.

I felt the cooperation was very fruitful. Your services were professional; you were responsive, flexible, and communicative. The survey went very well, and the reports were excellent, even with the complication of translations. The site was easy to navigate, and you made the whole process as easy as possible.


Anand Kanoria

Managing Director / APAGCoSyst Electronic Control Systems

Since 2016, Siko bathrooms and kitchens in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been cooperating with TCC online based on a tender for a supplier of manager performance evaluation services. From their products, we chose the 360° Feedback and evaluation form. The simplicity of the process and the adaptability of the functionality met our expectations. We were able to use our competencies, adjust the evaluation scale, supplement the process with goal-setting and development activities, and more. The clarity of the outputs we had professionally developed made it possible to create interpretive reports for individual cases. We appreciate and value TCC online’s ready-made solutions, but we are even more comfortable with the possibility of creating a customized system. All of our individual requirements were handled perfectly by the TCC online team, and we were thoroughly consulted throughout the process to make the right decisions during implementation. We successfully set up our first 360° Feedback system in the company, and we thank the TCC online team for this. Their cooperation with us was very friendly and customer-oriented, with high-quality work outputs.


Lucie Bergerová

HR Director / SIKO KOUPELNY a.s.

Our organization approached TCC / TCC online to implement a 360° Feedback product. We had no previous experience with this tool, which made it all the more challenging for both parties. From the very beginning, we knew we were in good hands. TCC online's handling of the situation was very efficient, and we especially appreciate their flexibility and speed in setting the parameters and the actual launch of the project. Everything went smoothly and to our satisfaction. The subsequent personal consultation and advice provided by TCC completed the whole process, which greatly benefited all the staff in our organization. In addition to the professional approach offered by TCC/TCC online, we were also pleased with the pleasant manner in which we were treated. We also greatly value the provision of a more favorable price due to the non-profit nature of our organization. We believe that we have found a reliable partner for future cooperation, which we are already looking forward to.


Dagmar Chmelíková

HR Support Officer / Médecins Sans Frontières

TCC online has created a new psychometric questionnaire for us to recruit candidates effectively. They developed it precisely according to our needs and company values. I would like to highlight the great willingness and speed in the solution from TCC online, both during the development of the new method and in the flexible IT adjustments. The entire questionnaire is presented to candidates in MAKRO and METRO branding and colors and has already been passed by over 1500 candidates. So I would definitely recommend TCC online to anyone who would like to streamline their recruitment – whether using standardized online methods or a new bespoke method.


Markéta Pavelková

HR Director / Makro Cash & Carry ČR s.r.o. / Metro Cash & Carry SR s.r.o.

The cooperation with TCC online was great. According to our precise requirements, they proposed a fast and high-quality solution for a survey among clients of Transparency International's Legal Advisory Service. Even better was the evaluation itself, which we received immediately after the conclusion of the survey in a clear graphical form. Moreover, as a non-profit organization, we received all these professional services pro bono, which is always a big plus for us and speaks volumes about the social responsibility of our partner.


Petr Leyer

Lawyer / Transparency International Czech Republic

We are a multinational company with approximately 900 employees working in 10 countries around the world. We were looking for a tool that would be flexible, simple, and accessible enough for the customizations we required. At the same time, we were looking for a supplier that would provide us with a modern solution that would allow us to work on the web interface in the necessary languages. Another reason we chose TCC online was the excellent delivery price. We implemented a 360° feedback project for 40 managers, to which more than 400 employees contributed their insights and feedback. We were satisfied with the environment and the way TCC online communicated. Communication is fast, and TCC online employees are responsive even outside standard working hours.


Ales Demjan

HR Manager / Moravia IT a.s.

We conducted the first run of 360° Feedback in our company in 2013, but our supplier at the time did not convince us of the quality of the services provided. As a result, we launched a tender for a new supplier of 360° Feedback for our company's managers, not only for managers in the Czech Republic but also for CEOs in 6 Central European countries. TCC s.r.o. decisively won this tender on the basis that it was able to deal best with the "case study" we submitted. The case study contained a problem around non-compliance with the anonymity of the evaluators. TCC won the tender on the basis of a favorable price offer, but also thanks to the great attitude and approach of the Managing Director Barbora Daňková and HR Project Manager Andrea Forejtová. We were able to design the areas and statements we wanted to evaluate together. We set the evaluation scale and, most importantly, (thanks to intensive cooperation) achieve successful results. We provided personal feedback to the evaluated managers through experienced trainers, including written reports. We also obtained an overall assessment of the entire 360° Feedback for our company and identified the most problematic areas. All of this, of course, for the CEOs in Central Europe also. Thanks to the great experience with TCC, we know we will implement the 360° Feedback again this year.


Tereza Součková

HR Generalist / BNP Paribas Cardif Pojistovna, a.s.

We have worked with TCC online for an online 360° Feedback evaluation. The introduction of this evaluation method was very crucial for us. Thanks to TCC online's professional and caring approach, the process and, more importantly, the outcomes were exactly to our liking. The company's representative acted as our partner in the creation of the questionnaire, always able to point out the pitfalls and advantages of certain statements in a factual manner, but at the same time, allowed room for our ideas and requirements. The output reports were very quick and well-produced and included graphical representations. The evaluators and the evaluation especially welcomed the guaranteed anonymity, the clear and user-friendly processing, and the comprehensive care during the evaluation process. From an administrative point of view, we were also very satisfied. The great professionalism of the whole team was also reflected in the flexibility of the response to technical questions and comments. Conducting the evaluation with TCC online was exceptional for us in terms of time and, more importantly, quality. Thanks to this experience, we know we have a very high quality and long-term partner for the future, not only for the evaluation, as our services are very diverse and comprehensive. We are happy to use the additional services of such an expert team.


Mgr. Michálková Miroslava

HR Partner / POLL s.r.o.

We use the online psychodiagnostic tools from TCC online mainly for team diagnostics. The obtained outputs are one of the guides for us in designing development programs for given teams and individuals. We also take the results of the team diagnostics into account when selecting new employees for the team. We use the tests as a support tool in selection procedures. However, we always consider the result of a personal interview conducted in a behavioral way or the solution of tasks and case studies to be decisive. TCC online tests are very easy to work with. The administration and control of the web-based application through which the testing takes place is user-friendly and intuitive. The test outputs are clearly processed and very easy to understand. Importantly, the outputs are readily available. We have had excellent experiences with TCC online Psychodiagnostics, and so far, only positive feedback from colleagues who have been through the diagnostics and also from their supervisors. I definitely recommend cooperation with TCC online.


Ing. Iveta Bajgarová

HR Specialist – Education Specialist / ALBIXON a.s.

We have been cooperating with TCC online s.r.o. for several years. We are particularly fond of their online Psychodiagnostics and 360° Feedback products, which we use to choose suitable candidates for selected positions and to develop current employees. What I appreciate most about our cooperation is their friendliness, quick solutions, and professional approach from the initial request to the evaluation of the results.


Ing. Veronika Špilerová

Education Specialist / O2 Czech Republic a.s.

We chose TCC online s.r.o. as an online 360° Feedback provider while preparing a comprehensive management development project for a multinational manufacturing company. During the project, we welcomed the quality cooperation of TCC online s.r.o. both in collecting and summarizing the results and tailoring the outputs to our client's needs. The partners from TCC online s.r.o. responded promptly to questions and new suggestions and processed everything very quickly. Both our client and we were satisfied with the result of our cooperation.


Mgr. Dana Rybáková

Project Manager / SANEK s.r.o.

We used online psychodiagnostics in the selection process for the Occupational Health and Safety Specialist position. It was sent to 12 candidates, 1 of whom was hired. All candidates responded to the questionnaire. During the personal interview, they found this method of diagnosis interesting. Although we did not hire them, they reacted very positively to the results, which were both a recommendation for them and a reflection of themselves in their respective fields. Comparing the content of the results of the individual tests and the online psychodiagnostic questionnaires, I can say that they correspond to reality. We found the personality profile to be very useful in terms of benefits, risks, and recommendations. For example, one participant in the personality profile was at risk of lower empathy and less tact and diplomacy, which was reflected in their arrogant response when reacting to a negative selection outcome. On behalf of myself and the participants in the selection process, I can say that this diagnostic method is an excellent means of getting to know individual candidates better. I would thoroughly recommend it for further use.


Mgr. Dagmar Křivánková

HR Manager / Skanska a.s. – Concrete Structures Division

At the client's request, we always use a combination of online TCC tests as a supporting tool to identify suitable candidates for senior management positions. Their use and interpretation are straightforward and accurate enough to identify the necessary personality and managerial traits of candidates. The results of these tests are comprehensive and graphically illustrative.


Ing. Gabriela Říhová

Senior Consultant / Amrop – Worldwide Secretariat

I have been cooperating with TCC and TCC online for many years. Perhaps since the beginning of their existence. What makes this cooperation exceptional is the combination of the great products they provide and an extraordinarily human and responsive approach to the client. I have never felt manipulation or pressure from them. They honor our needs and provide us with the solutions we really need, which benefit us. I especially appreciate the ethics and moral principles with which they do business. I value their high-quality approach and the personal interest of individuals to address and solve whatever is needed. I enjoy our professional discussions and the novel suggestions they come up with. It is a pleasure to work with such inspiring professionals as Bára Daňková, with a high standard of professionalism while maintaining their humanity in every situation. I believe we will continue in the same spirit in our cooperation and find ways to move forward.


Kateřina Márová

Recruitment and Development Manager / Generali Česká pojišťovna a.s.

As far as TCC online services are concerned, I must say that I am extremely satisfied, both in terms of product and services. I have had the opportunity to learn more about the 360° Feedback project and the online diagnostics of candidates, and we are currently implementing an employee satisfaction survey project at DCC. Working within the online system is very simple, clear, and intuitive. The outputs from the individual products are professional and have an outstanding telling value. Internally within Melzer, we have included online diagnostics as a standard step in the recruitment process. I greatly appreciate the possibility of combining different types of tests according to the specific position. Another thing I cannot leave out is the excellent, friendly, and constructive approach of the manager assigned to us. Especially during the feedback project, I perceived the communication with TCC online support as crucial for the success of the whole event. Thanks to her proactive approach, everything went smoothly and successfully. I would definitely recommend working with TCC online.


Mgr. Simona Vičarová

HR Consultant / DC Concept a.s.

We use TCC online diagnostics to select candidates for administrative positions. TCC online developed the diagnostics for us according to our vision and competence model. We appreciated the professional approach and quick response to our suggestions. Even while using the diagnostics, TCC online responds flexibly and quickly to our requests. The opportunity for our recruiters to receive a full day of training on how the diagnostic is built, how to score well in the different scales/areas, and how to give feedback to candidates was also great. Thanks to our professionally developed diagnostics, our recruiters can make accurate estimations about suitable candidates and provide professional service to our managers.


Kristýna Sýkorová

Human Resources Specialist / TPCA Czech, s.r.o.

In 2016 we were looking for a partner for a satisfaction/engagement survey. We chose TCC online, and I can highly recommend them. The survey had well-constructed questions. TCC has enough methodologists and statisticians to make the survey methodologically sound. They were also very professional in customization. The whole system runs on their platform, so it is not a problem to adapt both the fields and the items themselves to the language and needs of the company. What I particularly appreciated was the ability to generate different combinations of output reports (according to sorting criteria). This was crucial given our rather complex structure and the high level of autonomy of the divisions. It allowed us to get to the algebraic points for each division separately. We then presented their specific results to the divisions and the managing director, so we had both an intra-company comparison and a comparison with the market or similar manufacturing companies. For me, all in all, an excellent supplier. In addition to being professional, they are also very helpful and pleasant to deal with.


Jana Kořínková

Deputy HR Director / Metrostav a.s.

For the second year in a row, we have been using the Success Factor Index to recruit salespeople before the Assessment Centre, when the lines are sent to candidates to fill in remotely or in person at the regional office. The model was custom designed so that we can predict and compare turnover success specifically for our associates. In most cases, the estimated success rates are confirmed. This index is becoming increasingly successful. In addition to the HR department, it is now being used by managers, especially during the adaptation period and for the further development of salespeople. The SFI has not only helped us save time and money but has also increased the quality of new recruits, a criterion that our company prides itself on.


Veronika Jurková

Recruitment Specialist / ČSOB Stavební spořitelna, a.s.

In TCC online, we have found a reliable partner in employee satisfaction surveys for our media group Omnicom Media Group. We appreciate the professional conduct, human approach, and above-standard willingness of all members of the TCC online team. Setting the parameters and launching the survey itself was very flexible. The outputs were processed at a high level. We are happy to continue our cooperation in the coming years.


Zuzana Cholevová

HR Manager / Omnicom Media Group

We are happy to be working with TCC online, not only for their products and services but also for their fantastic team. At our HR party – HRko #3, 2019 (, we used the Perfeed tool to get reviews and feedback on the talks and workshops. I especially appreciated the variability of the evaluation report. Thanks to the whole TCC online team for the preparation and excellent communication. I look forward to future projects, especially the next edition of HRko #4.


Petr Juříček

Organizer / HRko

I am delighted that we chose the TCC online satisfaction survey. What I appreciate most about the survey is its speed and the online environment, which was pleasant and intuitive – both for the participants and for me. The quick and flexible communication with the TCC online team was also a great advantage for us. They quickly clarified our questions and even tailored and adapted their online system to our requirements. Thanks to the detailed outputs, we now know what to focus on and how to gauge our employees' engagement and identification with the company.


Elena Recmanova

Head of HR / Socialbakers, a.s.

We cooperated with TCC online to conduct an employee satisfaction survey at GridServices, s.r.o. and GasNet, s.r.o. We were extremely satisfied. TCC online has a highly professional approach, keeps promises and deadlines, responds promptly to queries and change requests, and is always accommodating. We have had similar experiences with TCC online on other jobs, such as 360° Feedback. We appreciate TCC online and recommend them for cooperation.


Ivo Procházka

HR Business Partner / Innogy

From TCC online we currently use the products Employee Survey, 360° Feedback and online Psychodiagnostics. What we appreciate most about our cooperation is its efficiency, flexibility and precision. The IT department responds quickly to any customized requests and the quality of processing and output is perfect. We definitely recommend it.


Kateřina Škubalová

HR Specialist / Raiffeisenbank a.s.

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