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Do you manage the selection and development of people with your clients? Do you want to offer them something extra, to add more value to your know-how and more precise information about candidates? Expand your service offer with innovative tools for HR professionals! Take advantage of our online tools and methods and boost your business! Become our partner!

Use innovative online tools

We provide quality online tools for working with people. A team of psychologists, sociologists, programmers and consultants are involved in the development. The methods and tools meet demanding quality parameters according to the highest standards. Regular updating of standards is also a matter of course. This is an added value and a guarantee of quality that is appreciated by nearly 500 companies around the world across various industries.

Expand your service portfolio, differentiate yourself from the competition

You can do the possible and the impossible when looking for candidates, but would you like to offer your clients something extra to differentiate yourself from the competition? With online Psychodiagnostics, you can find out much more about candidates than CVs or interviews can tell you. You can send out online questionnaires and tests to candidates at any time, depending on the need and the position. And the results are available immediately after completion!

Convince your clients with data

Do you fill certain positions on a recurring or long-term basis? With the Success Factor Index, you can provide your clients with data to prove which personality profile is most likely to succeed in a particular position. Check out this case study to learn more about the Success Factor Index.

Support your business

Expand your business by using new and effective methods that follow HR trends. We offer proven know-how that you can put to practical use in your work. We can adapt the appearance of the online environment and the graphics of the output reports to your corporate style or to the needs of your client.

Equip your employees with new knowledge

Working in recruitment can be very challenging and exhausting. Even the best recruiters can easily start to feel routine and stagnation. By equipping your employees with our tools, you give them the opportunity to expand their range of skills and knowledge. You can also use our tools for your internal needs, giving your employees a “first-hand” experience.

Test only what you really need

There are a number of positions that you fill. Each may have different demands and expectations in terms of candidates‘ personality. Likewise, your clients may have different ideas about what they want to find out and verify about candidates. Our psychodiagnostic methods are put together in a way that is truly useful to you and your clients.

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