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Take advantage of tools that help managers in nearly 500 companies worldwide. Need to cut costs, fine-tune team composition, and maximize efficiency and profit? Build your decision-making on data and drive your team’s success.

Up to a 90% probability that new employees will succeed and the energy invested in them will be returned to you

We will create a tailored competency model for you to select the people you will succeed with and who will grow with you. Thanks to our unique Job Matching and Success Factor Index method, you can focus on only the most potentially successful candidates. Read more in the case study.

Discover talents and identify opportunities for development

Are you recruiting new salespeople? Do you need to select a representative or candidate from your existing team for a young manager development program? Do you want to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team? Use psychodiagnostic questionnaires and tests to check candidates’ and existing employees’ personalities and performance characteristics. You can also use packages prepared for specific positions.

Get to know your team even better and read it like a map

With Psychodiagnostics team outputs, you will gain a new perspective on your team. Visualize what tendencies prevail in your team, identify similarities and differences among team members, and check how everyone fits in. You will gain a much better understanding of the team dynamics and build a foundation for various group discussions or recruiting new colleagues.

Identify threatened employee groups quickly and reduce turnover

With our Employee Surveys, you get clear outputs that you can present immediately and not waste valuable time on endless analyses. On top of that, you have superior functionality, such as Smart Reports, at your disposal. As a result, you can check which groups of employees are most at risk and which problems are most pressing and react to them promptly.

Support feedback in the company

Take advantage of the individual, team, and company feedback tools available to promote satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty within your company. It is easy to complete an Employee Survey or 360° Feedback online and determine the importance of individual items. You can identify the next steps with data demonstrating what is critical to people or has the most potential to boost engagement and loyalty.

Build your decision-making on data

Think you don’t have the data you need? Contact us at, and we’ll prove that you do! Don’t let all that data sit idle. We’ll show you how to use what you’ve got to make effective decisions.

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Job Matching

360° Feedback

Employee Survey

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