Case studies

Allianz – SP used Job Matching for selecting sales personnel

Allianz – SP used TCC online’s Psychodiagnostics tool during the recruitment process of sales personnel. After it was adjusted to match the competency profile of the company, Job Matching reliably identified potentially successful candidates. Job Matching helped Allianz identify future sales personnel who, after only six months in the company, achieved more than double the sales performance of candidates who attained a low percentage match with the Job Matching profile. As a result, the company has made recruitment more effective and ensured a lower employee turnover rate.


UniCredit Bank implemented Psychodiagnostics and Job Matching into their recruitment chatbot

Thanks to the implementation of psychodiagnostic methods and Job Matching into a smart recruitment chatbot, UniCredit Bank is able to identify the prerequisites for a position already at the first stage of the selection process. That enables them to include all candidates in the selection process. As a result of the implementation, UniCredit significantly reduced the interview and selection process by almost half. UniCredit Bank’s recruitment process is considerably more efficient for managers, candidates, and HR.


Online Psychodiagnostics as a cost-cutting measure

A client with very specific requirements commissioned the creation of certain bespoke psychodiagnostic tests to meet their needs based on their experience in employee selection. The client had calculated the costs of deploying traditional diagnostics in pen and paper form to be 8 EUR for each unsuccessful candidate (including time spent with the candidate). Moreover, the performance of the candidates had been disappointing, and the employee turnover within the first few months was high. To meet the needs and expectations of our client, we designed a model for online psychodiagnostic development and its future operation at as low a price as possible, factoring in only the costs of technical support. The investment in this development, including complete customization of the portal and its adaptation to the client’s graphic standards manual, was recovered after just 13 months of operation.


Using online diagnostics to identify talent (sales reps)

After nine months, a project to recruit candidates for sales representative positions in the financial sector has been completed and evaluated, with 147 people recruited. This project succeeded in designing an optimal profile predicting salesperson success with high reliability and validity.

Candidates identified by the model as talented achieve more than twice the turnover of at-risk candidates. As a result, an increase in performance of up to 100% and a churn rate reduction of up to 40% occurred.


Psychodiagnostics for selecting telephone operators with higher performance and higher customer satisfaction

In the context of recruiting call center operators, there is a correlation between high “Activity” on the Multifactor Personality Profile and high job performance.

With the help of Psychodiagnostics, it was possible to select candidates with a higher chance of succeeding. After verifying the success rates of candidates after joining, it was clear that active telephone operators had approximately 25% higher business turnover and customer satisfaction ratings.


Online Psychodiagnostics in the recruitment of sales representatives / financial advisers

During the recruitment process for sales representative/financial consultant positions, a diagnostic array was used: the Verbal Aptitude BASIC test, Multifactor Personality Profile, and Career Compass questionnaires. This online diagnostics process was conducted prior to assessment center evaluations. 117 candidates took part in the pilot run, which proved the legitimacy of online Psychodiagnostics as an effective tool for candidate pre-selection before an assessment center evaluation.


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