Expert Job Matching

Do you have employees who make you say to yourself, “I wish I had someone else like that.”, “We need more of those.”? Are you looking for a tool to help with better career path planning? Expert Job Matching can quickly identify the key characteristics of candidates/employees according to pre-set criteria and match them to the optimal position profile. You can easily select candidates with the necessary personality attributes to perform a specific position. What’s more, they will most likely enjoy the work and stay in the role the longest.

What can Expert Job Matching help you with?

  • You will learn about the candidates’ aptitudes for specific positions and identify who is best suited for the job.
  • You will find out if candidates are suitable for positions other than the one you are currently filling.
  • You’ll discover ideal candidates and hidden talents before your competitors do.
  • Your teams will perform better.
  • You’ll reduce turnover because you can assume employees will enjoy the work they’re suited to.

How does it work?

  1. You create an ideal candidate profile or use preset profiles
  2. Candidates complete the Psychodiagnostic
  3. You immediately see who is best suited for the position

1. Create an ideal candidate profile or use preset profiles

Expert Job Matching measures the degree to which a person’s aptitudes match a preset optimal profile for a given position. We don’t create generic profiles but always base them on the specific type of job. You can create the exact candidate profile based on your experience or use predefined profiles for individual job types.

Predefined profiles

With our recommended psychodiagnostic packages, you can use the preset Job Matching Profiles available automatically and free of charge.

Do you want to consider the specifics of your company or position? Set up Job Matching yourself!

Pre-prepared profiles are fine-tuned to a typed position. Therefore, they do not consider things like different company cultures, the nature of the product or service, specific requirements for a particular position, or “fit” within the team.

With our system, you can customize the preset Job Matching Profiles according to your experience or create a custom profile of the ideal candidate tailored to your company’s needs. More than 100 possible personality characteristics are available. So you can create your original profile for each job. Our support will help you create a new profile for more specific requirements or positions.

How to create a profile of the ideal candidate

  • Select psychodiagnostic methods focused on different areas (personality, work style, sources of motivation, ability to cope with stress, etc.) or use one of our pre-packaged packages.
  • Assign importance to each method – determining how important each area is for the position.
  • Within each method, you select the specific profile advantageous for the position. Again, you can give different assumptions and weights, i.e., degrees of importance.

2. Candidates complete psychodiagnostic questionnaires or tests

Candidates for the positions can be selected from both external and internal candidates. Send them an invitation to complete the selected psychodiagnostic battery. Candidates can complete the psychodiagnostic questionnaires or tests online, anytime, and anywhere. Results are available immediately after completion.

3. You immediately know who is best suited for the position

After completion, you have information on how the candidate or employee fits with the ideal profile you have set up. You immediately know if the candidate “matches” the position, company culture, or team. And not only that! In the case of multiple candidates, the online system ranks candidates according to their match with the profile for the position, so you can see which candidate is the best fit for the post.

Find out which position the candidate is best suited for

If you create ideal profiles for multiple positions, you can easily see which one the candidate is best suited for. The candidate completes the assigned psychodiagnostic battery of questionnaires and tests only once, but the system compares their profile to all the others you have defined.

For example, a candidate applies for a position as a call center agent, but by comparing his results across all profiles, you notice that a sales position is more suitable for the candidate in terms of personality.

In this case, you know which position the candidate is best suited for in terms of personality. Thanks to this unique feature, you can offer the candidate just such a position!

Similarly, you can use Job Matching for career advice and planning for existing employees.

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