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How it works? TCC online – Innovative online tools for HR professionals

With online psychodiagnostic questionnaires and tests, you can test a candidate in a variety of areas ranging from personality adjustment to abstract thinking skills. You choose the online tools that will test the knowledge, skills, or aptitudes you need to determine in your candidates.

The Psychodiagnostics Online Portal offers a number of gadgets to make your job more convenient. You can set up psychodiagnostic projects. Just put the questionnaires/tests into the project, assign candidates, and send them a link to the diagnostics of your choice.

Your candidates will complete the assigned psychodiagnostic battery. They can do it on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once completed, you will immediately see clear output reports.

Everything for selection, development, and evaluation in one place

Find all the online tools you need to support the selection, development, or assessment of your candidates and employees in one place. The Psychodiagnostics Online Portal is filled with a range of useful methods, from psychodiagnostic questionnaires, tests, and 360° Feedback to satisfaction surveys. All methods have been designed to be user-friendly, so you can work with them quickly and efficiently. So don’t hesitate to create an account on the Psychodiagnostics Online Portal today.

Multilingual psychological questionnaires and tests

Respondents can also complete selected questionnaires and tests in English, Slovak, and many other languages. Translations into other languages and the creation of population-specific norms can be arranged.

The 360° Feedback and Employee Survey projects can be in any language.

You can also use the administration interface to manage your projects in English.

Telephone and email support

We are with you every step of the way! We will be happy to help you, consult your needs, and help you design the optimal solution to streamline your HR processes or support your HR business.

Sending invitations à la email from the system

Send invitations to attendees as if you were writing an email.

Send pictures, documents, and other attachments via the online system.

You will have all the important information available for further use at any time.

Clear output reports

Your output reports are available to you as soon as you fill them out.

You can influence the form of the output reports with 360° Feedback.

Tailor-made solutions

We are happy to design and create your solution for you. We can dress the Psychodiagnostics Portal in your corporate colors, add additional features or convert your own pencil-and-paper methods into an online format.

We care about safety

All data is protected against unauthorized access, backed up, and archived for the duration of the business relationship according to the Terms and Conditions or the Framework Agreement. Data is backed up continuously and is retained even in the event of unexpected interruptions during the completion of questionnaires or tests for any reason.

The personal data is not passed on to any third party except the Customer, the data controller.

The systems are hosted in the Wedos hosting center, which holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates from TÜV SÜD with a minimum guarantee of 99.99% service availability. A firewall protects the system with restrictive rules. Network traffic is monitored by an intrusion detection system and an antivirus program. Accesses to the network are logged in detail, and the logs are regularly audited.

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