Success Factor Index

Thanks to the unique Success Factor Index (SFI) method, you can already focus on those who have a high probability of being successful in a given position during the recruitment process. You’ll streamline employee selection, reduce turnover and reduce the cost of onboarding. Can you tell what personal competencies the best-performing employees in your company have and what differentiates successful employees from their less successful colleagues? Then you’ve almost won.

How does it work?

1. Your current employees complete the assigned psychodiagnostic questionnaires and tests.

2. You provide us with real-life data (e.g., performance, production, length of employment with the company).

3. We will calculate a mathematical-statistical model that gives reliable answers to which characteristics from the psychodiagnostic predict the best results.

4. We select the best ones.

1. Employees complete the Psychodiagnostic

Existing employees will be sent selected psychodiagnostic questionnaires and tests to complete. Employees can do them easily as they are available online from anywhere. We can obtain the necessary data within a few days.

The models can be created starting from about 40 employees, but as the number of employees increases, the data becomes more accurate, and its reliability increases.

What if you don’t have that many employees in the same position? No problem. You can also use the unique Success Factor Index method and continuously collect data on new hires. While this may take longer, it is never too late to identify which people are helping you achieve your goals accurately.

2. You supply us with data from actual practice

To calculate the model, you need to provide us with real-life data that will help us identify which personality characteristics and aptitudes impact success. How you measure the success of your people is crucial. For example, the data you supply may relate to individual employee production (if you’re looking for top performers). Still, it may also relate to tenure (if you want to get turnover under control).

3. We will create a unique competence model

Our experts will create a unique competency model in collaboration with you. We analyze the data, select only those values that are genuinely related to high performance, and create a model that reliably predicts the success of candidates in the same position.

4. Selection of the best

You compare the completed Candidate Psychodiagnostic with the set competency model, and you know immediately during recruitment whether the candidate can be expected to succeed in the position. This allows you to focus primarily on the potentially best candidates before your competitors do or narrow down the candidates’ pre-selection to the potentially least suitable ones.

The Success Factor Index thus saves time and money. Newly hired candidates will perform better. You’ll also significantly reduce your employee turnover and managers’ frustration with constantly retraining newcomers who then fail in the position or leave on their own. SFI delivers exact numbers and results for HR and managers. The model can also be used when filling positions from internal sources. You can use it reliably to find the best talent within your company.

What does the Success Factor Index look like in practice?

We have used the Success Factor Index to recruit sales representatives for a client in the banking sector. We created a mathematical and statistical model based on the data collected that predicted salesperson success with high reliability and validity (90%). After implementing the model, it became apparent that candidates with low potential achieved only 22% of the volume of talented candidates. With the Success Factor Index model, client performance increased by up to 100%, and turnover was reduced by up to 40%. Find out more in our case study.

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