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Do you provide consulting and advisory services to your clients? Do you seek to guide individuals or entire teams on a journey of self-discovery? Do you want to help them identify goals, implement development activities, and stay on course?

Become our partner and use innovative tools designed for HR professionals to enrich your know-how and maximize the potential of your people.

Use proven technologies and methods for your solutions

Our methods and tools provide the technical support you need to effectively coach, consult, and advise. A team of psychologists, sociologists, IT experts, consultants, and others have participated in their development, and you can now use this know-how in the services you offer your clients! Our solution is very flexible and affordable and, at the same time, meets demanding quality parameters according to the highest standards.

Solve your clients’ situations more efficiently with our online tools

With our innovative online tools, you can more easily resolve situations that HR professionals and your clients’ managers need to handle. We know what clients are dealing with and can help them effectively. This is evident in the more than 500 companies worldwide, across various industries, that benefit from the advantages of our solutions. Our tools will make your unique know-how more visible and differentiate you from your competitors.

Does your client need an Employee Survey?

Professional advice and consultation services will be a breeze with our online solution. We will supply you with a tool that will allow you to implement the Employee Survey quickly and efficiently. Online, fast, in different languages, with variable content. You will get output reports at varying levels of detail in a clear presentation. And you can concentrate only on interpreting them.

Does your client handle recruitment and development? Are you looking for talent among your employees?

Our Psychodiagnostics will help you easily preselect candidates, and you can offer your clients only the best. Using superior tools such as Job Matching, you can recommend the most suitable candidates given the position, team, or company culture.

Are you or your clients struggling with feedback?

We won’t let you down here either. Thanks to Perfeed, you can get feedback anytime and anywhere, whether after a training session, meeting, or project. You can also offer Perfeed to your clients. It will help them continuously receive flash feedback and can also be used to chart progress over time and monitor whether development activities are bearing fruit. You can also offer the classic 360° Feedback to help you get comprehensive and structured evaluations from the environment quickly and efficiently. We also recommend Multifeedback with the “Hundred Dollar Bill” feature for teams.

White Label

We allow partners to use our tools in “White Label” mode. You can unify everything under your brand. We will, of course, continue to ensure that the tools remain up-to-date and valid.

For coaches and consultants, we recommend:


Job Matching

360° Feedback

Employee Survey

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