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Since 2011, we have been developing and delivering innovative online tools for working with people on the Czech market and abroad. Support your business with innovative tools used by HR professionals around the world, across different industries.

Are you looking for new opportunities for your further growth? Innovating your existing products and services? Do you want to provide your clients with services and tools that deliver demonstrable value? The tools we’ve developed will support you as a professional and expert in working with people, and bring high added value and benefit to your clients as well. Do not hesitate to join forces with us!

Who can become our partner?

Our tools and methods are particularly useful for training and consulting companies, recruitment agencies, ATS or HR systems or applications suppliers. They can also be used by coaches, trainers or consultants.

What does cooperation with us bring you?

  • You will enrich your existing portfolio of services with high-quality and innovative TCC online tools, available anywhere and anytime.
  • You don’t have to invest in development and programming. Everything is already ready.
  • We will help you to implement and use it effectively.
  • You will gain a unique advantage that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • You will attract new customers and delight existing ones with your innovative approach and new possibilities.
  • Together with us, you can continuously educate yourself and participate in the development of new online methods for HR.

How does cooperation work?

  • We will set up a free account for you to use our online tools.
  • You only pay for what you actually use.
  • We will provide you with a convenient partner price list, subscription options, or quantity discounts.
  • With the help of our experts, we provide quality customer, technical or consultant support.

Integration options and white label solutions

  • We can integrate our tools into your existing online HR or ATS system or platform.
  • We also enable white-label solutions, i.e. we create an online environment in your corporate colours.

How can you use our online HR tools?

For strategic consultations

For complex strategic projects, structured data from the Employee Survey is a great starting point. It offers clear information on employee satisfaction, engagement or loyalty, as well as information on the importance of various topics for employees. In addition, it offers a range of answers thanks to nested analytics, e.g. how to most reliably strengthen employee loyalty or motivation. The data is available both in the form of outputs that are immediately presentable and in the form of a Smart Report that enables further analysis.

In recruitment

You can get a deeper insight into candidates and their aptitudes, which they may not even be able to name themselves, with online Psychodiagnostics. The results are immediate and thanks to Job Matching you also know how well a candidate matches your ideal profile, even if you have never worked with psychodiagnostics before.

In the framework of various development activities

In the context of Development Centres, workshops, trainings or coaching sessions, you can use the online Psychodiagnostics as a preparation for the topic and to deepen the self-insight of the participants. Simply visualizing individual or team aptitudes, motivations, negotiation or leadership styles can all help significantly in the development of individuals, teams or organizations.

To meaningfully set up and then measure the effects of long-term development

Whether you are preparing management or business academies, individual development plans, or any long-term development activities, the key is to target the energy correctly and to map the shifts over time. Thanks to 360° Feedback, you can quickly and easily get an overview of what people really need to develop. You will also find out where the environment feels the biggest priorities are, and in hindsight you can check, by repeating the 360° feedback, whether the skills developed have actually shifted as a result of the development and whether the environment perceives this change.

In regular staff appraisals

In regular employee appraisals, 360° or 180° Feedback is useful to ensure that both the supervisor and the subordinate have a clear assessment of the competencies being monitored.

In the framework of continuous development

As part of continuous development, Perfeed is a great tool for getting immediate feedback from the environment anytime, anywhere.

When dealing with various specific client situations related to cooperation

Multifeedback is useful, structured feedback in a team, where everyone evaluates everyone else, so that no one really misses out on the feedback. In addition, thanks to the heatmap, it is possible to perceive any differences between team members or, thanks to the Hundred Dollar function, to propose the distribution of rewards from within the team itself.

You can rely on quality

All methods are developed by experts (psychologists, andragogists, sociologists and IT specialists) with many years of experience in their fields and all tools are developed in-house.

We constantly update the standards of psychodiagnostic methods and respect the requirements for the highest quality standards. We also collect suggestions from our clients and take them into account when innovating. Development and innovation never stop at TCC Online. We continuously come to market with new methods and tools that set our partners apart from the competition.

Join forces with us and use the full potential of innovative online HR solutions for your business!

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