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Do you want to provide more added value to your clients and users and expand your business? Do you want to differentiate your recruitment platform from others because you know that more and more the personality or cultural “fit” of the candidate and the organisation matters? The innovative online tools we develop can be implemented into your ATS or HR systems, you can incorporate them into your platforms. Join forces with us!

Make your solution a truly comprehensive tool

By integrating our methods into your system, you take it one step further. In one interface, your clients will be able to manage candidates more comprehensively. Thanks to the online Psychodiagnostics, i.e. various tests and questionnaires, you can find out much more about a candidate than just what they have on their CV.

Bring high added value to your clients

Implement psychodiagnostic methods into your ATS system that are used by HR professionals worldwide. You will bring more value and added value to your clients and gain an unquestionable competitive advantage over your competitors. By integrating our tools into your solution, you will save your clients time and make candidate management much easier and more enjoyable for them, while helping them to find the right people for the right jobs or specific company culture. Provide your users with a unique user experience and the opportunity to deepen their self-insight and self-knowledge through our psychodiagnostic methods.

Rely on quality

Be the expert in your solution, we guarantee that we are the expert in ours. Our methods were developed by a team of psychologists, sociologists, IT experts, consultants and other specialists. The tools meet exacting quality parameters to the highest standards. Regular updating of standards is also a matter of course. This is an added value and a guarantee of quality that is appreciated by nearly 500 companies worldwide across various industries.

Easy and very complex solutions, exactly as you need them

We can easily connect to our partners via APIs, as well as enable more complex integrations. We also have experience with integrations where the synergy of several entities was crucial. For example, we are proud to have developed a great recruitment chatbot solution with our technology partners for UniCredit Bank!

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