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I have cooperated with TCC online in the implementation of Employee Satisfaction Surveys repeatedly during my practice. I make sure that getting feedback from employees is done in a safe manner so they can afford open-ended statements. The survey outputs are always clearly and quickly compiled. Verbal expert commentary can also be provided. Over the years of working together, I have had only the best customer experiences. I appreciate the overall professionalism with which the entire TCC online team approaches the contracts. Cooperation is always friendly and professional, and we are able to customize solutions with them: we created some of the questions together to tailor them to our needs. The overall speed of deployment of the solution provided is also great. Once the schedule is agreed upon, deadlines are met, and collaboration over the communication plan begins. TCC online provides excellent ongoing communication throughout the survey implementation. Last but not least, we end up with a clearly defined output. When we order the service, it is presented and supplemented with context and benchmarking data in which a comparison with the outputs of similar companies is possible. This feature is extremely valuable. I have also noticed the continuous innovation and improvement of the overall environment and output reports. The overall output serves as a treasure trove for us to suggest changes and implement specific actions that we strongly believe will contribute to developing our company culture and work environment. We look forward to continued collaboration, and for those who have not yet made up their minds about TCC online, we say go for it!


Ing. Marcela Medková

HR Director / DT-holding a.s.

We started cooperation with TCC online in the area of satisfaction surveys. Subsequently, we expanded our collaboration to include online diagnostics and 360° Feedback. We particularly appreciate the proactive and professional approach. Our colleagues at TCC online always try to meet our requirements and often recommend alternative (often more suitable) solutions. The implementation of all projects so far has gone smoothly. All TCC online representatives have been amiable and professional. We highly recommend them.


Česká zbrojovka a.s.

Festival really became a memory already, there were happy people and smooth things indeed, though as every big event – there were many things to take care of and support during this long period of time. But in general, it is a great joy to meet the community that festival has gathered over the years and share moments together:) And your online tool was a big help for that – I personally had much fun asking people to evaluate a movie after the screening and at the same time sharing a sentence or two, laughing together or even starting a discussion on the spot. So I believe people were also enjoying the tool to express their views. As for us, It was very easy to use (activate, deactivate, start evaluation) and comfortable to take care of raw data afterwards. So in total there were 1572 ratings with an average rating of 4,52. I believe that almost 100 proc. of evaluations came from a live process of asking people to choose the stars on tablets, sadly the possibility to vote through QR code (that was shown on the screens before and after the movie) wasn’t that interesting for our viewers.


Emilija Statinaitė

Festival Coordinator / Inconvenient Films Festival

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