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07. 04. 2022

If you hear that traditional surveys have become obsolete, don’t be fooled. It’s not true, and data confirms it. More than 100,000 employees have taken our surveys, and interest in them is not waning. But employee survey formats are much broader and more varied these days. And as in everything, any tool is only as good as how well and meaningfully it is used.

Employee Surveys from TCC online

At TCC online, we deliver surveys in a modern way for companies of any size and focus.

Employee surveys by content

  • “Large annual surveys” – These tend to be standardized – based on global studies and best practices – and can provide benchmark information, historical comparisons, and trends over time. They allow for deeper analytics and data work. They tend to be comprehensive and provide insight across topics. Nothing is “missed.” They are suitable for all businesses. We have conducted “big” surveys for hundreds of companies under our direction alone, and interest is certainly not declining; quite the contrary.
  • “Pulse Surveys” – These are quick surveys where we can either track one metric and its evolution over time or, conversely, we can ask, for example, a different question every month and repeat the questions once in a while. Then mapping of current topics and historical comparisons on selected topics are possible.
  • “Thematic surveys” – Usually irregular, rather focused on a specific topic according to a specific need and situation, e.g., checking employee attitudes towards the home office setup in the company, mapping how people are handling the pandemic situation, mapping company values and culture, checking employee training and development expectations, etc. They are shorter in scope, and in addition to the chosen topic, we then track metrics that are always repeated. These can be things like overall satisfaction, engagement, eNPS, etc. These surveys are good for tracking trends, but the downside is the inability to benchmark on very specific topics.
  • The “Wish and Complaint Book” – TCC online is proud to be a partner of the FaceUp service, which acts as a trust box to continuously collect suggestions from employees. It can be used to report various undesirable phenomena in the workplace, as well as to share inspiration and suggestions for improvement. Did you know that under a European directive, every company with more than 25 employees will have to have one? Do you have one?

Employee surveys by design

  • Online via an emailed link that takes the employee to the survey itself.
  • SMS with a link that takes the employee directly to the survey.
  • Cards with access (QR code, link) that allow the employee to log in online from any device of his/her preference without having or using his/her own email.
  • Universal link – one link or QR code for all, whether sent out via email or posted on a bulletin board. The downside may be the possibility of repeated completion by the respondent and less overall control over the accuracy of the data.
  • Pencil and paper solution implemented using printed forms and collection boxes.
  • Survey as a module within another application or HR system, e.g., JOBka

And you know that:

  • We can implement employee surveys in Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, or Korean, for example.
  • In the long term, we have the highest return rate on the market, over 80%.
  • In addition to engagement and identification, we look at the relevance of the questions and topics to the survey participants.
  • Our surveys offer ‘SMART’ reports that allow you to identify disgruntled employee groups and the reasons for their dissatisfaction very quickly, so you can follow up effectively to target those most at risk.
  • Using automated mathematical and statistical analysis, we look for associations between individual survey questions and employee engagement and identification. We can then calculate what can have the biggest impact on boosting engagement or identification.

Do you want to know more about employee surveys? Do you need help implementing them in your company? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@tcconline.eu.

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