Enhanced Multifactor Personality Profile – What are the biggest changes, and what does the new PREMIUM version bring?

12. 04. 2023

This year, we made a major upgrade to our most used questionnaire, the Multifactor Personality Profile. In addition to improving the basic version, we have also developed a PREMIUM version. Take a look at what the upgrade consists of and what the extended version brings.

Changes to the output report graphics

Both versions of the Multifactor Personality Profile have a new and improved graphic design that will contribute to an even easier and more intuitive interpretation of the output report.

Multifactor Personality Profile – TCC online – more intuitive interpretation of the output report

Showing the variance of responses on all scales

For each scale, we now also display the variance of the responses. The variance helps to illustrate whether, on a bipolar scale, respondents have chosen equally distinct and consistent answers across items. It also helps to identify whether they have chosen answers from “either side,” indicating a “compromise” between the two poles. The scatter of responses is represented by the light grey bar in the graphs.

New scale names related to Perceiving the World Around You

To make the personality questionnaire even more intuitive, we have renamed the 4 scales in the Perceiving the World Around You section.

The Senses scale is now called Details. People who score high on this scale are detail, fact, and structure-oriented and tend to be practical. On the other opposite pole are people who are more whole-oriented, future-focused, and have a detached outlook. The scale is newly labeled Whole instead of the original name, Intuition.

The bipolar scale of Risk–Opportunity has now replaced the original label of Prudence-Confidence. The Risk-Opportunities scale then measures the degree of risk consideration in relation to the external world on the one hand or the degree of optimistic ambition and opportunity orientation on the other.

Multifactor Personality Profile – TCC online – For each scale, we now also display the variance of the responses.

What does the PREMIUM version bring?

Each person is characterized in the outputs by personas

Thanks to the personas, the PREMIUM version simplifies the work with the outputs directly by the participants and helps them to fix key information. We’ve tried to avoid gross oversimplifications such as “red, yellow, blue, and green people.” At the same time, we’ve tried to make it easier for laypeople who lack time or reason to study the theory behind the questionnaire but need to be able to grasp their outputs quickly and practically. These “personas” allow for a playful and positive naming of what is most characteristic of a person.

Multifactor Personality Profile – TCC online – Each person is characterized in the outputs by personas.

Let’s say, for example, that the basic output suggests that someone is a typical combination of assertiveness and extraversion. The persona environment in the PREMIUM version indicates that the person profiles oneself as a “natural leader.” There are 36 personas; the four most important personas always characterize each person.

Outcomes also include personality-based assumptions for team roles and management style

In the PREMIUM version, the assumed management style resulting from the personality setting is now also displayed, as well as the team roles likely to “fit” us best in the team. For example, if someone is a personality “perfectionist,” their natural (authentic) managerial style is likely to be similar in some ways. We already know that management style can be changed and trained, but personality settings no longer change dramatically. So, suppose you are interested in whether a person’s management style or team roles differ from their personality preferences. In that case, we recommend using the correlation with the other questionnaires Managerial Style and Team Roles.

Tips for adaptation and effective learning

Another innovation of the PREMIUM version is the tips and recommendations on effectively supporting your development with adequate developmental activities, specifically regarding personality traits. We are thus in line with the trend of using the Multifactor Personality Profile for development, whether in the context of onboarding or as a tool for personalized and motivating development of experienced key people.

Changes in team outputs

The big upgrade of the Multifactor Personality Profile is not only about the individual output reports; you will also find new features in the team outputs, which are available for free with the questionnaire. You can read about the main changes in the team outputs in the article “Multifactor Personality Profile – Improved Team Outputs”.

You can look at the sample output report of the Multifactor Personality Profile in the basic and PREMIUM versions.

For more information about the Multifactor Personality Profile, contact us at info@tcconline.eu.

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