Implementation of psychodiagnostic methods and feedback tools into HR systems and applications

10. 11. 2022

Did you know we can implement our online tools into HR systems, applications, ATS systems, or even chatbots? Read Marta Fabiánová’s article about it, recently published in the supplement of the HR forum magazine – IT technologies and services for HR.

The trend is integration. Nobody wants to manage twenty applications and systems, but developing a perfect system that does everything is hard. Even the best ATS may lack something. That “something” might be the ability to give candidates one-click online psychological tests and questionnaires that make it much easier to assess how well they are suited to a particular position or company culture. Similarly, combining a great technology solution with great content can be just as valuable when communicating with existing employees. Implementing feedback tools such as 360° feedback or employee surveys is particularly popular at the moment.

For example, until recently, getting feedback from employees in manufacturing companies has traditionally been difficult because many of them don’t have access to a computer or a work email. But thanks to integration into handy solutions like JOBka, implementing employee surveys is a breeze even in manufacturing. Similarly, the popular 360° feedback for warehouse or production workers can be implemented in one “app.”

At TCC online, the term “integration partners” has already caught on because we see the connection with other tools or platforms as a clear trend. Our tools can integrate with ATS systems, recruitment platforms that connect job seekers and potential employers, or even chatbots. Respondents, managers, recruiters, coaches, consultants, recruitment agencies, and HR system suppliers all benefit from our long-standing know-how in psychodiagnostics or feedback methods and user-friendly solutions.

Autor: Marta Fabiánová, Managing Director TCC online

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