Multifactorial Personality Profile – upgrade team outputs

12. 04. 2023

A major upgrade of the Multifactor Personality Profile has been made to the individual output reports and the team outputs.

More intuitive graphical display

Even in the team output, we can now see a clearer, more modern, and intuitive graphical display. A brief description of the sub-scales is also displayed directly in the graph, so all vital information is in one place. To make working with the outputs even more helpful, we have added a percentage to each corner of each “cross,” indicating the percentage of team members in that quadrant.

Playful elements, such as word clouds, are now also included

The PREMIUM Multifactor Personality Profile’s team output reports now include playful features, such as word clouds based on individual preferences. By looking at the word cloud, we can quickly and easily see which characteristic is most typical for our team.

Multifactor Personality Profile PREMIUM – TCC online – Team characteristics

Team “maps”

The new version of the questionnaire – the PREMIUM Multifactor Personality Profile – simplifies working with outputs through “personas” and helps to capture critical information quickly and comprehensively. In addition to the graphical representation of the main areas, a “map of the representation of the personas in the team” are also in the team output report. Again, we can easily see which persons are most often represented in a given team.

Multifactor Personality Profile PREMIUM – TCC online – Representation of personas in the team

Types of development activities

Last but not least, the PREMIUM team deliverables now also include the types of development activities that can be most effective for the team’s personality. The “Map of Development Activities” can be a valuable source of inspiration and tips for targeted team development or for the adaptation process. Individual activities or needs are displayed directly on the chart for clarity. So even with the percentage display, we can quickly determine which type of activities will be most effective or comfortable for the majority of the team.

Multifactor Personality Profile PREMIUM – TCC online – Types of development activities

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