WORK CYCLE A novelty among our psychodiagnostic methods. Find out more

Work Cycle: a novelty among our psychodiagnostic methods

07. 09. 2023

As you may already know, developing a new psychodiagnostic method is not a matter of months, but usually at least a year. We are therefore excited about the latest addition to our already stable psychodiagnostic methods: the Work Cycle questionnaire.

You may have already come across the term “work cycle” in the Multifactor Work Profile method. The questionnaire included two parts – work style and work cycle. Here, however, the latter took a different, more concise form. Because of the first, considerably longer section, the work style section usually received less attention, and often the work cycle was overlooked altogether.

The new questionnaires: Work Style and Work Cycle

At TCC online, we pride ourselves on keeping our methods concise, to the point and punchy. So we decided to split the original Multifactor Work Profile into two completely separate methods. Thus, we now offer a Work Style questionnaire that is identical in form to the original Work Style and a Work Cycle questionnaire that we have redesigned entirely, including items, outcome interpretation, and specific recommendations.

Work Cycle

The Work Cycle maps out in detail what is typical for a person when it comes to solving most work problems or tasks. This is because we usually go through several solution phases in an optimal case. In practice, however, each of us may accentuate or, on the contrary, underestimate some of the phases listed below. As a result, we may proceed less efficiently. The Work Cycle questionnaire provides information about what is typical for us in terms of the work cycle. It can inspire us to use our profile more effectively or to focus more on which phases to increase our work efficiency.

Specific phases of the work cycle


Task analysis is characterized by the need to be clear about the assignment, to actively inquire, to try to pay attention to expectations and the topic itself.


Planning and preparation is characterized by the need to map resources, risks, and opportunities thoroughly and the tendency to map out solutions and sub-steps.


Execution is characterized by action, the need to see clear results and have solutions quickly, and speed in action and decision-making.


Control and evaluation is characterized by the need to evaluate the results and process, check them, and consider their applicability and usefulness in other areas.

Graph from the output report of the Work Cycle questionnaire
Graph from the output report of the Work Cycle questionnaire

What is the “ideal” level of representation of these phases?

Ideally, one should have each of the four phases represented at least to some degree, i.e. at least from the 15th percentile upwards. At the same time, keep in mind that the opposite extreme may not be as useful in this case. In fact, if we get stuck at some stage for an extended period, it can often hurt the project in terms of efficiency. 

Imagine a situation in which a person is low in the planning and preparation phase and extremely high in the execution phase. This person may in practice tend to take action quickly without having mapped out the resources and people needed to implement the project. As a result, the execution of the project may drag on due to poorly estimating the capacity of colleagues or an already occupied meeting room.

Therefore, both low and over-represented phases are listed as potential risks.

We are also proud of the fact that the Work Cycle questionnaire was constructed on the basis of factor analysis and meets all the criteria and requirements for quality psychodiagnostic methods. It is available in Czech, English, and Slovak. And you can also use the team outputs for free.

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