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Work Cycle: a novelty among our psychodiagnostic methods

7. 9. 2023

As you may already know, developing a new psychodiagnostic method is not a matter of months, but usually at least a year. We are therefore excited about the latest addition to our already stable psychodiagnostic methods: the Work Cycle...

Multifactorial Personality Profile – upgrade team outputs

12. 4. 2023

A major upgrade of the Multifactor Personality Profile has been made to the individual output reports and the team outputs. More intuitive graphical display Even in the team output, we can now see a clearer, more modern, and intuitive...

Enhanced Multifactor Personality Profile – What are the biggest changes, and what does the new PREMIUM version bring?

12. 4. 2023

This year, we made a major upgrade to our most used questionnaire, the Multifactor Personality Profile. In addition to improving the basic version, we have also developed a PREMIUM version. Take a look at what the upgrade consists of and...

Psychodiagnostics in contemporary HR – trends and news

20. 2. 2023

Psychodiagnostic questionnaires and tests help map personality, benefits, risks, and development potential. Combined with tools such as Job Matching or the Success Factor Index, they can significantly streamline recruitment, adaptation,...

Where is the line between assertive and aggressive behavior, and can we measure assertiveness?

15. 2. 2023

What is healthy assertiveness, and how is it possible that a person can speak up in a private environment but in a work environment is more reticent, and vice versa? In an article published by HR news, Monika Nováková and Marta...

Employee Surveys or What is better – a good salary or a good leader?

15. 2. 2023

What are employee surveys supposed to measure, and what does the data we get from them tell us? How has identification with the company changed in recent years, and what has the biggest impact on engagement? Marta Fabiánová, Executive...

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