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Project Manager

This package is designed for those who manage or will manage project teams.

Project Manager identifies people’s aptitude for dealing with challenging and stressful situations, the ability to make quick decisions, and accurately evaluate various information. The package will also help you determine how willing a person is to accept responsibility for a solution and its outcome regardless of the person’s formal status or authority.


Only 44 EUR/USD for the whole psychodiagnostic package.

Job Matching

Did you know that we have a library of expertly built Job Matching profiles in our admin interface that you can use immediately? You don't have to think long and hard about whether or not the resulting profile matches the job requirements, Job Matching does the work for you! If you choose any package, the system will also allow you to turn on the "Job Matching" function, which will immediately evaluate how well the person's profile matches the expectations of the position. Want to know more about how our Job Matching works?
More about Expert Job Matching

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