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The Stress Management Questionnaire describes the participant’s ability to cope with difficult and stressful situations. It is aimed primarily at employees in highly demanding positions and roles requiring a high degree of stress resistance.

The Stress Management Questionnaire observes twelve basic strategies people use in reaction to stress or psychological strain. Individuals tend to apply these strategies automatically and unintentionally, i.e., it is not a conscious choice based on evaluating circumstances and decision-making. Preference for some of these strategies over others results from several factors: prior experience, personal traits, upbringing, outside influences, defense mechanisms, and more. This questionnaire aims to help the respondent realize the strategies they prefer and to teach them, when needed, to use the methods that positively impact handling stress deliberately.

In the case of a group output, the questionnaire allows timely identification of groups at risk of burning out or other hazards.

Aside from output in the form of an easy-to-read chart, there is also a text output that:

  • Comments on the most preferred strategies
  • Analyzes risks arising from the overuse of other strategies
  • Evaluates and interprets the impact of the applied strategies globally

This popular questionnaire underwent further development in 2016, and in April 2017, we released an improved version 2.

In particular, the change in the design of the scales toward balance is significant.

For each strategy (scale), one can now find its positive and negative manifestations concerning its functionality and usefulness in coping with stress. Hand in hand with this change is the renaming of the scales and the removal of their possible negative connotations. Last but not least, this review has expanded the output reports to include recommendations and opportunities for further development. These changes have made the method more comprehensive and balanced, as well as more developmental and motivational.

You can also get a team output of this questionnaire for free.

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