Emotional Intelligence Test

25 minutes

česky slovensky anglicky

The Emotional Intelligence Test is a unique and innovative product that maps an individual’s level of emotional intelligence. The test is designed for diagnostic use in all positions for which the need to recognize and process emotions – both one’s own and others – is in some way significant. The Emotional Intelligence Test is, therefore, a suitable tool for the personal development of all employees.

The Emotional Intelligence Test consists of three parts, the first two being performance subtests. The third part is a questionnaire, so there is no distinction between right and wrong answers. This specially formed combination allows us to determine the actual level based on the performance parts adequately. The questionnaire form expands the product with a new dimension – self-insight and awareness.

Completing the test provides an evaluation of the overall success rate in the form of a graph. It includes success rates for each scale and an assessment of the questionnaire on the self-awareness scale. It also gives you an interpretation of the overall profile and offers developmental recommendations.

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