Press Test

Time limit: 15 minutes max.

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The Press Test is a performance test focused on diagnostics for employees in positions that require clear thinking, flexible judgment, good observation skills, multiple options, quick decision-making, or finding solutions in untypical situations. It is suited to people working in a dynamic environment, candidates for talent groups, and other challenging positions.

The Press Test combines various types of tasks which examine the respondent’s predispositions for abstract, verbal, and numerical thinking and the ability to visualize. The time limit pressures the respondents, reminding them every minute that the time is expiring.

The output of this test is an evaluation of the respondent’s success, comparing the speed and quality of the results with those of a reference group.

Completing the test takes a maximum of 15 minutes. This does not include the time during which the respondent reads the instructions.

Sample output reports

Individual output reports

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