Dotazník komunikačního stylu – asertivity (WORK) – ikona

Communication Style – Assertiveness Questionnaire (WORK)

15–20 minutes | free team outputs

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Dotazník komunikačního stylu – asertivity (WORK) – ikona

The Communication Style – Assertiveness Questionnaire (WORK) maps an individual’s communication style and behavior when dealing with standard and challenging communication situations in the work environment. It does this in the context of a close-knit team of familiar colleagues and the larger context of new and unfamiliar people. It is thus a suitable tool for the diagnosis and development of interpersonal skills of all employees.

The questionnaire contains 12 basic scales divided into 4 areas corresponding to the main criteria of assertive communication: 

  • Appropriate self-assertion
  • The ability to stand by one’s decision or opinion and avoid manipulation
  • The ability to give and receive feedback
  • The ability to build and develop social relationships

The questionnaire provides a clear output in the form of a graph that demonstrates the overall level of assertiveness. At the same time, it offers a detailed view of each area, distinguishing the level of assertiveness with close colleagues and strangers. The output also includes an interpretation of the overall profile, including identifying benefits and recommendations. The questionnaire also works with two control scales that detect both the tendency to use aggressive expressions in communication and the need to speak positively about oneself and choose socially desirable answers.

You can also use the free team outputs for this questionnaire.

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