Test pozornosti – ikona

Attention Test

Time limit: 35 minutes max.

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Test pozornosti – ikona

The Attention Test focuses on the precision (or error rate) of work under time pressure and the ability to concentrate during a repetitive activity. In contrast to classic attention tests, this one includes variously oriented subtests and observes one´s attention for longer. It is primarily meant for the diagnostics of employees in all positions where maximum precision and long-term concentration are needed to manage individual, largely administrative, and repetitive tasks.

There are three subtests consisting of 7 types of tasks. Each has a time limit of 5 minutes. Within these five minutes, the respondent has to give their best performance regarding precision and general productivity.

The output of this test is an evaluation of the respondent’s success. It compares the speed and quality of the results with those of a reference group and describes trends in quality throughout the subtests.

There is a time limit for the test. Completing it takes a maximum of 35 minutes. This does not include the time during which the respondent reads the instructions.

Sample output reports

Individual output reports

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