Culture Fit

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The Culture Fit questionnaire measures the internal values of a given person and, based on those values, finds out what kind of company culture is important and pleasant for them. You can, therefore, easily determine whether a given person prefers a formal or informal environment, whether a career or work-life balance is more important for them, or whether they are competition-oriented or cooperation-oriented.

This questionnaire describes individual motivation and values, highlights their specifics and key strengths, and identifies possible risks and development recommendations. It functions as a valuable method for choosing a candidate that will fit into the company culture, as a means of better self-reflection and self-knowledge, and as a support tool for development.

Besides an easy-to-read output in the form of charts and images, the questionnaire also offers an extensive text that includes advantages, risks, development tips, and a comparison of results to the optimal profile in the case of a predefined optimal profile.

You can also get a team output of this questionnaire for free.

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