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Sales Profile QUICK

15–20 minutes | free team outputs

česky slovensky anglicky

Sales Profile QUICK is designed for the diagnostics of salespeople and candidates for sales positions.

The questionnaire focuses on twelve sales competencies divided into client, offer, and sale. It measures the current level of competencies and the conscious need for their development.

Besides easy-to-read output in the form of a chart, this questionnaire offers a comparison with preset minimum requirements and specific practical recommendations for further development, including priority and suitable development methods. As a competence questionnaire, it contains control scales, which warn of possible lower levels of validity. These might result from a low consistency of answers or the effort to select socially desirable options.

We recommend administering Sales Profile QUICK together with the Career Compass. An alternative to Sales Profile QUICK is Sales Profile FULL, which focuses on sales skills and necessary prerequisites.

You can also get a team output of this questionnaire for free.

Sample output reports

Individual output reports

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