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Questionnaires and tests

Multifactor Personality Profile

The Multifactor Personality Profile offers a comprehensive view of key personality traits. Through 32 dimensions, it clearly shows how a person approaches other people, solves problems, makes decisions, and what you can expect from them at work. In addition to the personality profile, it also offers recommendations for further development.

Career Compass

The Career Compass Questionnaire maps a person's primary motivators and tells you which job roles are most compatible with their motivation.

Work Style_ikona

Work Style

A detailed mapping of a person's work style – whether they are typically fast or careful, spontaneous or disciplined, whether they need freedom or rules, and other important information about what you can expect from them at work. In addition to a clear output, you will also get valuable development recommendations.

Stress Management Questionnaire

The Stress Management Questionnaire maps out typical reactions to stress and their usefulness in resolving a situation or for a person's mental well-being. The questionnaire also offers several recommendations for strengthening the ability to cope with stress.

Team Roles

Team Roles is a questionnaire that identifies which of the 10 typical roles in a team a person currently holds and what are their benefits and risks. Thanks to the link to the Multifactor Personality Profile, it also shows which roles a person is best suited for and can therefore excel in.

Culture Fit

Culture Fit maps a person's internal values and preferences concerning the company culture or type of work. It can also serve as an indicator of how well a person fits into a given company.

Test pozornosti – ikona

Attention Test

Measures the ability to concentrate, especially during repetitive activities that require precision and attention or that demand many simple but correct decisions.

Press Test

It measures thinking capacity and so-called cognitive resilience, i.e., the ability to make prompt and correct decisions despite time pressure and multiple disparate stimuli.

Numerical Test

This intelligence test mainly measures numerical skills, i.e., the ability to understand numbers and the relationships between them. It has two parts, one mapping general ability and the other focusing on applied work with numbers and practical numerical operations.

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